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Jon Walsh

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  1. look's great some day i to will be giving this a go
  2. well done looks superb
  3. A superb dalek and that blue is growing on me too
  4. supreb going to be one stunning dalek
  5. Nice day for painting your dalek the sun and a pint who could ask for more

  6. HI John can you change my settings so both read Jon walsh
  7. What are you going to use these casts for
  8. yes! superb brilliant build
  9. just brilliant
  10. me too !!
  11. fantastic looking Dalek you have there. you must be so proud
  12. only 7hrs to go to the series finale jammy dodgers at the ready

  13. Brilliant pic's Jim love the location.The pic with the claw arm would look brilliant blown up to poster size
  14. Ive seen power twice now it's just superb and i really like the old style colour of the dalek
  15. nice day here in the UK. so getting some spraying done in the garden