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  1. Being completely new to Blender, it might be better in the long run if you start with 2.6. Since that's where it's at now, you'll find yourself left behind if you are interested in keeping up with developments. The main problem for those of us who are used to the old 2.49 version, is that so many buttons have changed that we can't find anything - it's practically like learning a new program altogether. You won't have that problem of course. One unwelcome change is that the layout is really awful if you don't have a widescreen monitor - the windows won't fit onto your screen very well, and it won't display the panels horizontally in the way the old versions did. You spend a lot of time scrolling up and down vertical panels to find things that used to be right in front of you. I can't say I like 2.6 yet, but they are improving it all the time, and I got a widescreen monitor 2 days ago which helps. It might grow on me yet. In brief - If you have a widescreen monitor and you are also interested in using Blender for other projects, go for 2.6. If you try to follow the Blender Dalek tutorial though, it will get confusing. If you have a 4:3 or 5:4 monitor, or just want to try building a Dalek by following the tutorial, go for 2.49b. It has a nicer interface, and is easier to use (in my opinion ).
  2. OK, in that case I think I see a clue in your last screenshot - The Hemi needs to be in the same location as the skirt - in your screenshot, it's actually sitting a little way in front. If you've left in that position, it will throw the duplicate hemis out of position. It should be like this - The easy way to put it in the right place is to select the skirt, press Shift-S, and click 'Cursor to Selection'. Next select the Hemi, press Shift-S and this time click 'Selection to Cursor'. The only other thing that could cause a problem, is if the object centre of the hemi has been changed for some reason. It should be like the close-up above. If this still doesn't fix it, I'll need some more screenshots so I can see exactly what''s wrong!
  3. Do you mean that some of the hemis are facing the wrong direction, i.e some are pointing outward but some are pointing into the skirt? If so it's probably the same problem djohn had, a few posts up - some faces on the skirt are inside-out. Check post #71 for the answer
  4. Hi Alydon, It looks like you are not cutting completely across the skirt. Make sure you are clicking well over the other side (like in the next image) when you make your cut. If you click inside the last skirt panel (as in the next image), it will split the panel into triangles just as yours turned out. Hopefully that will do the trick - if not, give me a shout here or via PM and we'll try to sort it out ! Steve.
  5. Hi djohn, This is usually caused by a face on the skirt being 'inside-out' - the hemis will point in the direction of what is called the face 'normal'. It's a simple job to get them facing the right way. Select the skirt, tab into Edit Mode and select all the vertices. First, make sure there are no extra vertices causing problems - press 'W', and click 'Remove Doubles' on the pop-up menu. Next, press 'Control-N' and click 'Recalculate Normals Outside' on the pop-up. That should fix it ! Steve.
  6. I'm clueless, so just throwing in some ideas - 1. It appears to be a highly reflective texture, washing out the sharp edges. Try a texture with a less shiny finish. 2. Try breaking it up by using slightly different textures for the vertical and angled faces, so they don't blend together so much.
  7. Lots of good stuff in this thread lately I like the weathering with the UV textures - horribly time-consuming to do, but worth the extra effort.
  8. Like Mechmaster I haven't done anything with Second Life before, so I'd need to learn how modelling with the Primstar plug-in works before I could offer any worthwhile advice. However, I tried it out and suffered all the errors you've had. It seems very easy to 'break' the Prims so they won't bake properly. I did manage to get something that seems to work, but it's not ideal. I started with a sphere mesh, with the size set to 16 X-faces, 4 Y-faces, and 0 levels, and snapped the points to match a premade Blender fender. A simple fender has 11 sides, so the extra sides on the prim were aligned as part of the long sides on the fender. Baking gave me a texture 32x8 pixels. I also tried adding a new texture, and made it 64x16. That worked too. Larger ones caused distortion when importing them back again. It seems the texture size needs to match the ratio of the prim, (eg here, 16x4, 32x8, 64x16. A 64x64 tex failed.) If I get more time to look into it, I'll try to come up with something better, but in the meantime this zip has my blend with a Prim-made fender which will bake, and a standard one that won't. It may help you figure something out. I've also included the 32x8 and 64x16 tga textures, which can be imported into Blender as sculpty models. I know you want to build your own, but if you need them it in a hurry and they work with your Second Life models, feel free to use these as you want. Sculpty.zip Hopefully we'll work out a better way to do this !
  9. After a couple of months with a barely useable computer, I finally have a new one.

  10. I guess the pedals replace a wheelchair joystick control. Left / right pedal turns left / right (or right / left?), both pedals down = forward. Keeps your hands free for waggling appendages.
  11. It surprised me too, actually. Comparing the sphere with the width of the skirt in the photo, I thought 800mm would be about right.
  12. It looks like an 800mm sphere will be too small, it could be as big as 1 metre. 800mm sphere + CG Skirt superimposed on the 'in storage' photo. Mock-up with a 1000mm sphere.
  13. First thought - That's not Tom B, it's Gareth Hunt in a wig. After a Quick Google - tardiswikia "Besides his guest appearance in Planet of the Spiders, Gareth Hunt also made an unintended impact on Doctor Who merchandising, according to the second edition of Howe's Transcendental Toybox (Telos, 2003, p. 465). The production of a 1977 Fourth Doctor action figure by Denys Fisher was impacted when the head mould for the doll, modelled after Tom Baker, was damaged. As a last-minute replacement, the mould used to create a Mike Gambit doll for a New Avengers line of action figures, modelled after Hunt and bearing a striking similarity to Tom Baker, was used. The second edition of Transcendental Toybox features this action figure on its cover." Surely not after 34 years ...
  14. I use Blender. Being free is obviously a bonus, but it's also quite easy to use. It is, honestly! You can make some very nice Daleks with just a few basic tools.
  15. Gah, Graphics Card failure. Back to the tatty old laptop.

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