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  1. I remember J posted this on my finished saucer pilot thread. Any good? m
  2. True, but think about how many props Shawcraft had to build. I imagine they were using any castors they could find, plus I've seen two original props with rubber casters which, again, suggests they used any they could find. They could certainly have been replaced so I may be wrong. What I've, also, just noticed is the block of wood across the front internal structure of the skirt with the hole cut out for the fire extinguisher to sit in. I'll jot that in my little jotting pad! Wait I don't have a jotting pad!
  3. Actually, I was thinking about those two static casters on the Bamford prop and noticed the Dalek only moves forwards or turns in a forward arc rather than sideways, so they could be the original castors. have a look at the scene where it moves out to block peter and bernards escape in the ship. I have a feeling the DIOE did have some sort of pedal system as you never see the Daleks strafe sideways either. They usually move forwards and back until the operator can spin the Dalek in the correct direction. The Dalek moving up to Westminster bridge also gathers up some speed. was going to attach a shot of the base of a DIOE but I cant find it!
  4. Definitely 0.5mm thick I'd say. I rang the expanded metal company last week and still haven't received any samples. They didn't ring back to say they didn't have the samples either, so I'll give them another ring Monday. M
  5. Funnily enough, I get asked to do the Dalek voice in Geordie too.
  6. Great work! If you ever need an original 60's plunger-cast for your build drop me a line. M
  7. It could be. I don't have the mesh to hand but I'll measure it with the callipers tomorrow. It does show though that the same style of hole punch/perforation is still used today though, and that what keeps me smiling lol. Blimey! £40 to £500 minimum order!
  8. Cheers J, I should have remembered these on your build diary. Did you get a sample of the 801A. It looks courser than the 922A whilst the pattern seems like that of the brass radio grill.I haven't contacted them yet but should ask again if they have any samples of the 801A. I think it might be a better version of the 922A. I have to say the 922A looks exact only a finer grade from your pics. do you have a shot of it with the mesh pointing downards?
  9. Is that a TPE replica movie Dalek you have there? Unfortunately it's only Daleks we can talk about on the PDF. Have a look for a K-9 forum as I believe there is one that deals with K-9 props and motorisation .
  10. Hmmm. Thats silly really. To have a brosure with mesh they don't produce any more. I wonder what they're playing at? What I can do is send the sample I have off to them and see if it was close to anything they had. bearing in mind that J's sample has slightly wider holes in it and the radio grill is quite course when holding it. do you mean course as in the holes were too large? In that case your probably right. £500 doesn't seem as threatening as I thought it might be. If everyone chipped in a bit I dare say we could raise that amount. According to their website they can produce custom orders. Hopefully they mean the metal gauge rather than just a powder coated finish. I've just noticed they're in Hartlepool which isn't too far from me. I could have a talk with them in person. It always far more easy to just talk to someone face to face rather than vague emails.
  11. Wow there's 922A, 801A, and 803A which could be the very mesh. I imagine we can ask them for samples of each hopefull for free. Good work RepeatedMeme
  12. well i've just posted a pic of some mesh that might be the stuff were looking for so I'm getting quite excited. Do you want to use the expanded raised mesh for the TV prop as I'm not sure if they ever did. I think some of the smaller speaker grill mesh you find on these new suitcase record players is a good match. I'll post a pic tomorrow. Which are the steel bit's you refer to? is that the petals on the gun mechanism? Oh btw did you find a suitable fit for the aluminium tube for the eyestalk under the acrylic tubing? I've been analysing the second movie red props eyestalk when it breaks off down the bomb shaft and I think its wood because of its orange/brown colour at the end of the stalk. The Daleks from the first film also have a working mechanical eye despite the stalk being, presumably, a tapered wooden shaft. Hmmmm. I've just typed that and didn't think of it before lol.
  13. Woop Woop! We might have some good news. I contacted metal-mesh and they couldn't be more helpful unlike Bion. He even said when working with Bion they caused them nothing but trouble. However, although metal-mesh don't supply this mesh (although apparently they used too) he showed me some pictures of various grades of mesh that yet another company manufactures called 'The Expanded Metal company' and one of the mesh samples in the pics looked exact. See below 801A. So lets hope its the same grade and they can still make it!
  14. Oh wow! That looks like real fun! Can you post a vid of it turning? It just looks so original . Can't wait to see what this looks like with the mesh and rings in place.
  15. I'm going to try http://www.metal-mesh.co.uk/index.php and see what they say. I think one of their pictures is what Repeatedmeme posted and it looked pretty promising. I'll make sure I can send the sample off for a close as possible match if they say they can do it.
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