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  1. A split skirt, hinges &stacking sections the choice is yours with a little bit of research you'll find the approach that works for you. Acrodrome (Dave Duca) did a wonderful "Dalek Sec" build that opens in the style of Daleks in Manhatten.
  2. Tax Season Time!

  3. For sometime I have been drafting schematics & creating PCB's using ExpressPCB, then taking the (sometimes finished designs) boards over to Robot Rooms Copper Connection which enabled me a better tool to fine tune the tracks, use a greater range of library components & more importantly being able to export the files for use elsewhere instead of being tied to ExpressPCB for manufacturing. Robot Room's website now link the download for Copper Connection to ExpressPCB who are announcing that it is absorbing\rebranding it into their existing product. I don't know if the ability to export to Gerber Export function will be removed leaving everyone tied to ExpressPCB again for manufacture (that's how I found it in the first the place). It might be a good time to grab a copy of this software, just in case future revisions downgrade or remove the feature.
  4. My JJ iris worked well for the prototype, not so well when I tidied it up, 3D printing lends itself better & is becoming more affordable Servo Testers here or ebay For an iris on ebay, search under camera diaphram iris.
  5. Just found & bought a Elation Design Spot Pro 250 iris assembly. :D

  6. I did it with a Joseph Joseph spaghetti measure, a 555 timer chip (with a few other components & pcb) & a servo motor, I have a Canon camera iris set into a 3D printed enclosure (haven't played with the driver electronics as yet) & there's also a 3D printed iris assembly on the recently uploaded to the forums (no electronics or servo mounting as yet). Short answer eBay for the electronics & servo & the simple circuitry here.
  7. Anyone in proximity to Sarasota, Florida - That could do me a favor.

  8. Those dome light cages look familiar. Great work!
  9. These may be a little cheaper & if you want to join forces in the same spirit as the MartMod, dome rotation has been one of the sticking points for me until now. On a related note - I have been stripping out printer motors that have their own shaft encoders as & when they become available from scrap Lexmark assemblies. Just waiting for the weather to get a little better up here.
  10. Spent the day rebuilding my laptop OS with a SSD after a major crash earlier this week.


    Still fine tuning the darn thing., but impressed with the speed compared to spinning rust.

  11. That's cool, I had something similar set up some years back but they didn't run in synch unfortunately, I had alternate units slightly ahead of each of the ones surrounding it to get a flying pulse effect. I didn't have the name of Meteor strips at the time. I might have to revist this idea again.
  12. Just found this handy little tool for adding a current limiting resistor to a single LED, an array of LED's connected in parallel or serial (though it correctly states that for parallel usage that it should be one per resistor & simply outlines the reasons why). You can now play with the variables to your hearts (singular or binary vascular system depending on your species & do they work in series or parallel, ideal speculation for a Saturday morning that can be covered elsewhere ) content.
  13. I have a number of eBay 12V LED panels for Dome lights & other things & never had a issue even at a stated "12V" as my bench PSU kicks out 13.5V. At $2.52 a panel assembly I'd chance it regardless, you can use the 24V supply from your wheelchair batteries & use a Voltage regulator assembly to give you a regulated 12V, as running 12V off one half of the wheelchair batteries will kill the battery in a very short space of time due to unequal load. Now when my circular LED PCB (panel arrives), I'll be using current limiting resistor(s) for the perimeter array of misty white\blur & a superbright LED dead center this will be on a separate resistor.
  14. If you put two resistors in parallel the total resistance is less than the lowest one (Half if they are both the same value). A picture (& mathematical formula) paints a thousand words..... As it's rated for 11V, personally I'd risk it at 12V (the extra Volt is a 10% increase) & without a current limiting resistor. I have seen other people put LED's in series without the current limiting resistor for lighting, the device you link to makes no mention of needing it & so I'd go without.
  15. Is it specifically rated as a 12V assembly, then a current limiting resistor should not be necessary. In instances like this, I have seen each LED act as a in series resistor with the required Voltage driving each one to normal brightness. I have a similar PCB (no LED's) on order, but I intend to drill it out\modify it for use with "normal" LED's.
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      Sorry it has taken so long to respond but I thought I received an email notification when someone posted something, but obviously that is not the case.
      If you are still interested, email me at mikeandrashida@iinet.net.au
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      Started slowly getting back into this project, 3D printing gun and eye parts for now!
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      Saturday spent fixing first bit of 6mm bendy mdf to my shoulder frame, I had a couple of clamps but a friend lent me about 8 and needed every one. My son in law loaned me his multi tool which cut like a dream, however, he needs it for work so had to give it back so went to Wickes and bought one for £25, a bit cheaper than his top of the range model but it still does a great job. Have fibre glassed my dome plug after waxing the he'll out of it, fingers crossed it will come off ok.
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      My dalek will have a name, talking to my friend about old films, and we talked about the  Eiger Sanction, and came up with the name Hemlock, so now my half finished skirt, nearly fully sanded dome plug and shoulder frame has a name...Hemlock
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      Hello! I joined a few days ago and I'm trying to see how this site works
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