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  1. Hi Ian, welcome to PDF. Sounds an interesting build your planning. Gregg
  2. or how about Wisher, Gooderson and Molloy?
  3. Lost for words, amazing thing to do. Your a real hero.
  4. Yes 18mm MDF is fine.
  5. Most modern bike batteries are of the gel type. These can be mounted in any orientation and don't leak.
  6. My PDF mod PCB arrived this morning. Looks a very well made PCB, nice clear legend. Parts will be ordered this weekend.
  7. Looking good Mike. I'm looking forward to the arrival of my MK5e PCB, so I can get building!
  8. Welcome to PDF.
  9. Brilliant Les. Got to love an Imperial.
  10. Hi Alistair, welcome to PDF. With access to a good workshop, knowledgeable colleagues your build should go smoothly. All the info and help you might need can be found here. Looking forward to seeing your build diary. Gregg
  11. Absolutely stunning work and high speed too.
  12. In the data sheet that came with the Sevan's Davros model, it said the panel gaps when the chair was originally built were covered with black insulating tape. I saw the prop back in 1993/4 when it toured the country as part of MOMI Doctor Who exhibition, and I remember specifically looking for the tape on the panel gaps. Yes the tape was there.
  13. Hi Rich, welcome to PDF. The voice mod you've built sounds interesting.
  14. Nice start to a New Year. Thank you.
  15. This is brilliant. Thank you so much for sharing this.
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    • mikemurphy  »  mischief

      Sorry it has taken so long to respond but I thought I received an email notification when someone posted something, but obviously that is not the case.
      If you are still interested, email me at mikeandrashida@iinet.net.au
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    • LowKey

      Started slowly getting back into this project, 3D printing gun and eye parts for now!
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    • chris harper

      Saturday spent fixing first bit of 6mm bendy mdf to my shoulder frame, I had a couple of clamps but a friend lent me about 8 and needed every one. My son in law loaned me his multi tool which cut like a dream, however, he needs it for work so had to give it back so went to Wickes and bought one for £25, a bit cheaper than his top of the range model but it still does a great job. Have fibre glassed my dome plug after waxing the he'll out of it, fingers crossed it will come off ok.
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    • chris harper

      My dalek will have a name, talking to my friend about old films, and we talked about the  Eiger Sanction, and came up with the name Hemlock, so now my half finished skirt, nearly fully sanded dome plug and shoulder frame has a name...Hemlock
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    • DathandsomeDalek

      Hello! I joined a few days ago and I'm trying to see how this site works
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