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  1. All three are looking fantastic! If the BBC ever need extra Daleks on set, they'd be fools not to come to you! They all look so beautifully terrifying! Nice builds!
  2. I love the run down look of it, feels like it's seen a great deal of action in its day. Been in a few wars, harsh weather, survived some nasty battle damage. To me, seeing a run down Dalek is the most scary, it's already been through so much and wont be easy to stop. A lovely build!
  3. Had the pleasure of meeting your Dalek at Supanova this year. I recognise the pain job First Dalek I have seen in the flesh, was very impressed with how it looked up close. Beautiful job! Were you at Comicon as well? I remember seeing a Time-war and Cushing Dalek there too, figured it was the same one I had seen earlier that year.
  4. Well hey folks. Been here for a couple of years now as a casual member. Checking on the latest dalek build submissions and progress diaries when they're updated. But after finally getting off my ass to order in one the blessed construction booklets I'm feeling more ready than ever to tackle my first Dalek. If anything this entire site has kept my dream in check and in the right proportions so I dont dissapoint myself. When I was little I always wanted a Dalek but I had no way to go about it, and the dream was too big for me to tackle, but I wanted to create the same childish sense of awe and fascination in others that the Daleks had on me. Seeing how some builds take many months to sometimes years to complete, I am in no rush. But as long term project It's perfect. I've thought about it a lot, but I still havent decided upon what kind of Dalek I would want to put together. Years of thinking it over, but my all around general love for all Dalek designs (even the paradigm Daleks, they unique style captivates me) still leaves me undecided. Growing up I had a love for the red Dalek in the Cushing films. Thus my username. If anything I feel compelled to make a red dalek of some style. Cant wait to mingle amongst crowds at conventions as a superior being! ~Christopher
  5. I have been gone a very very long time, but this time I intend to stay. Once again... The thoughts of my own Dalek have flooded through my head, time to act! :D

  6. Is back after a long period of time...