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  1. Well mainly found a few rare photos on twitter, lead to an obscure Facebook group and then well.. went through all the photos saving most of the Dalek specific ones!
  2. UPDATE:

    Nearly 400 Dalek images now uploaded to the Gallery, sorry if a few are duplicates, the new ones will probably be superior quality I hope, enjoy! 

    1. RepeatedMeme


      I've just been going through them. Thanks very much! There are some incredibly helpful and interesting pics there. :) 

    2. James Rice

      James Rice

      I tried to keep the amount of duplicates down but considering most are from the same shoots that proved problematic, I'll start finding more and save them when I get a chance! :)

  3. That would be The Evil of the Daleks, the Doctor rode one of the Human-Factor Daleks during their game of 'trains'. The mysterious atmosphere sells the images I'd say.
  4. Added a few more The Chase/The Daleks' Master Plan photos from twitter.

  5. They really feel like the B&W Planet of the Daleks photos, there's just this lovely quality to it.
  6. I'd most likely aim for a dark red metallic finish similar to that of the 2013 Paradigm Drones (I'll be digging through the paint sections for that later), matt could work, but considering the expense of going to a professional I feel that shine will make it feel more value to money. The slats/collars/oval/mesh would hopefully be aluminium, wanna keep that look consistent. It's a 70s Dalek so it feels almost mandatory to keep the hemispheres black, probably gloss to help it blend with the skirt section.
  7. So after a bit of thought we decided to get it professionally painted when the Dalek is ready, that Plastikote stuff wipes off at the touch! Ah, we'll probably aim for a shiny silver finish but then again I am yet again reconsidering, I'll try and stick to the Death To but a dark metallic red is very tempting.
  8. Cheers very much John, from a brief glace I'd say it's the same, mainly from the eyeball render (which we've added filler to bulk out the shape) and the ball bearing dome rotation system I'll keep looking through that Diary. DalekSupreme, I'd need to check up close when I get home, I'll respond once I get a chance. EDIT: Yup, it's definitely Fenris's Genesis Dalek No mistaking it, I do feel a taaad bad for taking it off his hands! hope I can do it justice
  9. Exactly the same style of Plunger, I think the other one hasn't got the hole cut out for the screw though.
  10. Came with 56 black fiberglass Hemispheres, Voice Modulator along with various fender rubber coverings and aluminium slats too if I recall correctly.
  11. It's not the same Dalek sorry, just checked, at least this means the David you're thinking about is still chipping away at it!
  12. Unsure, but when we picked it up we believed it was intended to be a Genesis. Here's the seller's photo if it's any help I'll try and make sure it reaches a good final stage though, do you happen to have a link to a build thread of his? EDIT: Nevermind found it, his Eyestalk is too far advanced to of been this one, also with the gun having metal instead of plastic holders for the gun handles also for the fact he's still making after I bought, I would genuinely like to know more about the previous builder though but I assume that is lost to time.
  13. Oh it came with the Dalek when I bought it, guy who made it was a Project Dalek member, all I know is his first name was David and had to give it away due to hard times, I'd assume both plungers are replicas made by people on here tbh! Also came with what I think are reproduction 70s wipacs, they have yellowed a tad with age though.
  14. I'll keep that in mind thanks! We painted the Fender using a metalic plastikote paint, it seems we did not sand correctly with seams on the top partly visible. I then found a thread on Plastikote on here much to my dismay.. it's not going to last to the say the least, finger print scuffs, fading ect. Considering to get it car sprayed but I'm unsure what the cost would be for that, eh all speculation at the moment though. For the more professional builders with a keen eye would this be considerd a good 70s era Plunger? when we bought it even came with a spare.
  15. No new photos today I'm afraid, we've got the entire fender section primed for tomorrow where we can apply the final coat and hopefully if we have time applying the LED lightstrips and rubber cover.
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    • Aussie Kev

      Looking for the close up photo of the portable graphic equaliser deck that Nick Briggs use's with his Moog MF102. Somewhere out there, I have seen this photo of him sitting at a table with the graphic equaliser, to fine tune in the sound of the Moog. Could be used as a reference photo if allowed on the Forum.
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    • madianm

      Well just an update . I've started finally , thought i'd tackle the base and work up from there. I've been sorting afew smaller things like hemi's and cutting drainage pipe for there surrounds . See how it goes , will post some pics at some stage ! ..Ian
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    • OutCastDalek

      I finally received the Workshop Manuel today! Now all I have to do is study it. Hopefully I'll start a build diary by the summer. 
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    • Ferrain

      Printing the front fuselage of DSV2.....
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    • L'chaim 12

      If a mod would be so kind as to delete the mushnik TDP build, as I'm not going to be building it anymore, I have a different dalek in mind in a few months, but this is just bugging me.
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