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Edwin Hall Dalek

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Well spotted, but the link will expire, so...




Nobody could have predicted the massive wave of Dalekmania that hit Britain during the early 1960's

The Daleks had been killed off in their first Doctor Who adventure but the huge wave of public demand brought them right back, again and again.

The BBC had to open a department just to handle requests from manufacturers keen to cash in on the Dalek "craze" which has kept on crazing for almost half a century !

The two absolutely iconic images of the first wave of Dalek merchandising are the Louis Marx bump action model and this full sized machine which was the first ever likeness of a Dalek the public could interact with.

These Daleks were made under license to BBC Enterprises and this one is internally stamp dated to 1965.

Accounts vary but the general view is that no more than 50 of these were ever built.

Sited at predominantly seaside locations and originally set to accept sixpenny pieces these proved a sustainable goldmine for the site owners.

As the years went by many deteriorated, their electrics were removed and they ended up as static hollow shells on merry go round rides.

A reasonable guess would be that there are now less than half a dozen still in any kind of working condition.


This Dalek is made of extremely hardwearing fibreglass. The fairground showman who owned it for 40 years of its life has repainted it several times and to good quality fairground standards maintaining not only the original colour scheme of red and blue but also the exact shades of those colours.

The dome features a perforated metal cap at the top and ALL the fittings are the originals !

The eyestick and eyeball are made of metal as are all the eyediscs. The flashing "Ears" are seated on their original metal bases and even the amber coloured lens covers on the ears and the eyeball itself are original.

Inside the dome is the ORIGINAL speaker dated 1965 and still working fine.

The pastel blue neck section carries three neck "rings". These are separate components made of mild steel and are in absolutely FABULOUS condition. Usually these have been painted over repeatedly and are heavily dented, on this Dalek the condition is unbelievably good with very little wear and almost all of the original chromed finish !

The shoulder section features the arm and raygun and both of these are again the original cast metal components.

Around this shoulder section are the metal slats all of which are original and in their original plated finish !

The skirt section carries the many half hemispheres. These are moulded into the fibreglass but have protective caps attached made of spun metal. These metal caps are ALL present and have been painted gold.

The base fender section is painted the same colour as the neck and is the only area which shows any damage and scuffing due to wear.

Beneath the base is the original motion mechanism which gives the ride its charactersistic lurching while rotating action.

Internally the Dalek is fitted with a moulded fibreglass seat and an instrument panel for the operator to play with.

The instrument panel has two levers to operate up and down movement on the arm and raygun. There is a blanking plate pop riveted over the top to prevent any movement though and so the antennae are locked into the positions shown.

To the left is the slot into which money is placed to start the ride with a secure cash box beneath. To the right a gold coloured speaker grille.

Additionally there are six lights on this unit and two push button switches.


This was made as a coin operated ride in 1965 and is still fully functioning in that capacity.

When withdrawn from service around ten years ago it was yielding £150 per week from the number of passers by eager to part with a 20p piece.

Originally in 1965 it had a tape recorder fitted inside the dome which played the Doctor Who theme by the Eric Winstone Orchestra

This Dalek now plays a hit of the time it was last overhauled "Doctorin the Tardis" by The Timelords

It was overhauled in the 80's and the music player replaced with more modern technology.

This seems to be the only modernisation to its original 1965 state.

When connected to the electrical mains (Normal UK household mains)and switched on the Dalek is in ambient mode.

In ambient mode, ie switched on and awaiting a customer the bulbs on the ears and tip of the raygun flash on and off bright amber.

The Dalek remains totally still during this time but every 60 seconds or so it says "I am a Dalek" in a 1960's robotic voice and a snatch of the tune is played.

When 20p is inserted the Dalek goes into active mode.

In active mode the tune "Doctorin the Tardis" booms out of the dome section and the Dalek starts to revolve in a jerky robotic fashion.

The Dalek repeats his claim to be such at regular intervals and also, being a Dalek, says exterminate.

This is quite a memorable experience when ridden by a full grown "Adult".

The instrument panel then becomes active with 5 of the 6 white bulbs flashing on and off and the operator can press the raygun noise activator button.



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