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Cdngoose's Dalek - Nyder

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This build diary is almost an after the build entry, though I am not finished I have essentially built a Dalek in two weeks plus worked full time during this build. It was my desire to build two Daleks in a month and you will see how disaster brought me to my knees in this build. I managed a total of 4 hrs sleep a day with the final push being a 72hr straight to show push! Also added into that was repairs to Dreadnaught that had to be completed.

First off the inspiration, the build is to be two of the most Iconic Dalek entities! Davros and Nyder.


Davros realized that he needed his trusted companion Nyder and has incorporated him into a Mk3 Travel Machine. The picture above is the sole inspiration towards the build.


However it will be present day Davros that now requires his trusted companion.


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Well first up is to make the MDF skirt , on this build I will be using scavenged parts from the Dalek Auric build. I have not stopped work on that build, but due to the construction materials and the techniques required it has been postponed to a winter project..

post-15558-0-50075400-1441727450_thumb.j post-15558-0-37468300-1441727460_thumb.jpost-15558-0-37988400-1441727463_thumb.j

Though I had a skirt made in Aluminium for Audric I need a skirt that can be used as a plus for a fiberglass mould. So it must be perfect and I can personally only do this in MDF with bondo. The neck bin shell and the Dome were scavenged from the Audric Build. He will get new ones over the winter.

Next up was the shoulders, this was made fresh as I wanted a movie style gunbox for making a mould from.


Here is a short stack up, this started on July 13 and these pictures were taken on July 20th, once again I'm working towards making moulds for future builds.

July 26 and the gun box is installed and angles are set so I can pull fiberglass shoulders later from a form.


here is a stack up again.

More from July 26,


now in primer and time to make a spare Dome.

Aug 8th the neck bin has perforated steel, in doing this I can use the steel as the support and do a binless assembly, I have used this method several times now and love the clearance it gives me inside a finished Dalek.

post-15558-0-77613500-1441728989_thumb.j post-15558-0-00494700-1441728992_thumb.jpost-15558-0-58428700-1441728992_thumb.j

Due to the fact that I need to pull moulds from these I am spending far, far more time in surface prep and filler to ensure straight lines and no visible filler lines. I also used sanding sealer on the MDF to reduce the amount of primer the MDF will soak in, this is the first time I have used sanding sealer.

post-15558-0-73207800-1441728990_thumb.jpost-15558-0-41344600-1441728991_thumb.j post-15558-0-19707200-1441728993_thumb.jpost-15558-0-76185400-1441728993_thumb.jpost-15558-0-49589300-1441728994_thumb.j

Alright, now for the reason for making a plug, Over the last few years the Canadian Dalek Empire has raised funds at events for Local Sick Kids hospitals, last year we raised over $26,000 and this year we have already surpassed $30,000, but to do this new ideas and new attractions are a necessity. This year I chose to do Nyder and Davros as a team. Deciding to do Davros depended on having the Latex prosthetics finished and ready to go and I now do.


With this completed and ready it is time to get the Nyder plugs in shape for forms so I can quickly pull a fiberglass skirt for Davros.

Aug 9th and It is time for paint, I use a two part epoxy which when cured after 30 days is super hard, this is also the paint I use on airplanes and it can be a little pricey. but it can look fantastic.


Once the third coat of paint was applied my wife decided to start the fire pit in the back yard, the ashes went up, over the house and down on a partially dry Nyder, so some buffing will be required.

Now for the stack up and Nyder is basking in the sun at the end of the driveway.


Edited by cdngoose

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Aug 11th. time to start on the Davros chair whilst the paint on Nyder hardens up a bit, I would love to leave the paint for a full 30 days but that is not a option that fits my schedule.


Firstly is to do the base of the console, if worst comes to fluidity I can use the Nyder plug and interchange the Nyder shoulders and Davros console. since I will be installing hinges on both units it would be an easy swap.

Aug 12th, strictly concentrating on the Davros console, I started with using MDF for most of this portion of the build, however I did switch over to Russian plywood for strength reasons.


This is the start of the console base.

Aug 13th The rough parts are being made as fast as possible, I will be using a lot of spot putty to hide the plywood layers, but this is the strongest version I can make in wood.


progress in a Day has been fantastic and Im happy with the outcome.

One of the issues is to get so much MDF soaking so it can be bent around the forms, luckily wife was not around to see me use the pool.


Aug 14, 15 not much progress as I need to download information and to prep Dreadnaught for a Saturday show. I have looked at many online photos of Davros and other Builds here on PDF.



Aug 16 th Trying to get the details of the console together and add the aluminium uprights.


Disaster strikes, while sanding and shaping the console it actually fell off the other side of the scaffold and split apart when it hit the ground.


Well this led to an opportunity, I have purchased a Mini Fooger for Davros and the mic is embedded in the Latex mask, however I was concerned on where to place the amp and speaker, I didn't want the speaker at the bottom of the skirt, so since I have to repair the console I have installed the metal screen I used for the neck bin it is not screen correct but is not noticeable and will allow the speaker close to my head.

Aug 20th, time to move on getting the plugs into forms, also a closer look at the metal screen on the console .


post-15558-0-92564200-1441735143_thumb.jWax,Wax, Wax had to remove the ashes from wife's fire, used buffer and got everything very smooth.

Aug 24th waxing is complete and time to get the form separator and the top and bottom in place.


Along with everything else on the go Dreadnaught needs a new dome and some major repairs before our biggest show of the season.

here is the new dome and getting it all sanded and ready for paint.


Aug 26, I am moving along with making the forms and noticed that the paint is starting to lift under the sections I have already done. I also have repairs to do on Dreadnaught after he hit a cement pillar at full speed. plus more work on the new dome for Dreadnaught.



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Aug 27,28th Disaster ! absolute with the peeling paint I have lost all my plugs for the show coming up in two weeks. Also the forms are not as good as I had wished, the areas that had lifted paint transferred to the forms, they are minor enough that they can easily be repaired and become useful, however that cannot happen in the time I have left. So repairs to the plugs and I will have to interchange the shoulders with the console for the show.



Aug 29th, time to continue and move on to sanding all the plugs and getting ready for the hemispheres. In the past I have lost several pairs of jeans from being ripper on extended bolts inside a skirt. In using this method it is not as critical to have the circles glued into the inside of the hemis perfectly straight and when finished inside of the skirt will only have a dome head screw. no more ripped pants, bruised and bleeding legs.

Aug 30th

Time to prep the damaged skirt and shoulders for another coat of paint, since this will be used for Nyder it is time to make it lighter and more room inside a Dalek.


Also installed the hinges in the skirt and shoulders

the gun box has been reinforced in fiberglass so most of it can be removed on the inside as well as the upright supports that were needed for construction.


More sanding, sanding and yet more sanding with body filler.

While I have been working a fellow Dalek owner has come over and helped out and re-made the Emperors eye.


Aug 31st,

Dreadnaught has a new skid plate installed and is getting the front re made with long strand fiberglass


More sanding and betting the skirt and shoulder prepped for paint. this has been a pain in the butt, I have been trying to get the skirt back in shape but often just after spraying primer I would still see the old paint bubble.


I have also been prepping a gun for another Dalek.

sept 1


Today I have to get most of my stuff packed into the trailer and ready for travel and setup in Toronto.


The Emperor, The Tardis and many other parts of the Doctor Who Society of Canada's display booth has been delivered and setup.

Sept 2


More sanding and prep for paint. this Is the endless part of any project and I am now running behind and only have a couple of Days to finish everything.

Sept 3rd

No more sleep from now till the show plus I have to pull full time at work.

Time for paint once again, also Nyder was supposed to be foot powered and it is going to take me too long to make the seat inside the skirt, so Nyder is going to get Davros electric chair. Not to worry I have a few chairs in storage.


Sept 4,5 this is just one long day at the end I will have been awake well in excess of 72 hrs , but in the end I made it to the show with Nyder and a repaired Dreadnaught.

First up is assembly, I also spent a couple of hours fitting the base to the electric chair.


Once Nyder was roughly assembled then I moved onto painting Dreadnaught and finished him throughout the night, Between coats of paint I built the Eyestalk for Nyder and got it installed.

I have run out of construction pictures as it just got to frantic, I hope never to have to do a build like this in such a short time. Basically it was just over two weeks to build a Dalek. Though I started out building two and if no disasters had happened then it would have been possible, but I was working with new things I have never done before in making large fiberglass forms. but it was necessary for the future endeavours.

I know their was a lot of information I wanted to add to this build Diary but in doing a Diary at the end is just not feasible to include a lot of the ideas you had during the build. I hope to keep the next diary as it is meant to be and that is a day by day journal.

SO next on the list is to finish the moulds and get Davros skirt made and continue on that build. Also this winter will see a return to Dalek Audric and A new Dalek that will be used as an auction piece with all proceeds going to Toronto Sick Kids Hospital. That Dalek has not be given a name yet and im open to suggestions.

Well the weekend was a success and we raised just over $10,000 , which brings our year to date total to just over $30,000 for Sick Kids Hospitals. Nyder is not complete as he still needs his belts and slats as well as his dome lights and his head controls, but he was at the show and was trundelling with the rest, I had all the parts on hand to finish him but put my efforts into the show and the reason for which we were their.

Nyder will be completed over the next couple of weeks at a more leisurely pace.


With two more shows in October Nyder will be ready to exterminate all humans.

Thanks for reading along.




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Wow thats a story and a half well done on getting as much done as you have.

Why dont you call the auction Dalek Hope?

Just an idea



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I think the reason you are having priming over the paint is lacure primer will cause wrinkling and lifting when used over anything but lacure, nee to use a primer that uses a hardener- or sand off all the paint and then re-prime.


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Dalek Hope, not bad but I have heard of another Dalek called Hope but not in Canada so I could use it. As for the paint, their are so many ways this could have gone south on me, I have used different products than what I would normally have , thinking they would improve on certain conditions. The sanding sealer was used to reduce the absorption of the primer, so instead of 5 coats of primer I could get away with 2 . I used an oil based primer, thinking it would interact better between the sanding sealer and epoxy paint.

Nevertheless the forms that had gel coat applied all bubbled to some degree, the last half of the shoulder form I made, I had omitted the gel coat and it turned out absolutely perfect and is the only one of the 4 forms that can go right into use as is. Smooth glossy and no bubbles. So whatever happened it was the gel coat that created the issues.

All the forms are salvageable a mix of resin and talc (as suggested) will fill in the problem areas and with lots of final sanding I will be able to bring the forms into use in the future.

The future plans of the moulds are to make one Dalek a year that will be taken to events throughout the year, people can donate to place a bid on the Dalek and at our final large show the highest bidder wins. With all proceeds from the bids and from the auction going to Sick Kids Hospital. I will also be making another wheelchair based Dalek that can be rented at shows and will be used for half hours periods to travel in the Center of a murder of Daleks . This particular Dalek will not have firing abilities other than lights and sounds, it will also have a kill cord attached to a very large Dalek Slave, this insures that if anything undesired happens the slave can pull all the power from the Dalek, stopping it dead in its tracks.similar to the patch cord on ski jets and snowmobiles. I believe the Canadian Dalek Empire is growing and has done exceptional work towards raising funds for Children's Hospitals. It is not only my duty as founder and Emperor of this organization to continue its growth, but to continue new ideas and fund raising opportunities to increase our charity work.


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I just wanted to say thank you for the time you spent with me at Fan Expo. The detailed look that you gave me of Nyder was the highlight of my weekend.

I hope to start my build in the next few months with some of the tips that you gave me.


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No pictures today, sorry. Today is the first day in over a week I have opened the back of the trailer, I took a week off to recover from the mad push to Fan Expo. First off was a repair to the shoulders and removal of excess material that is not needed. Next I moved onto the dome. I noticed two things at the show I didn't like. One was the dome sat a half inch higher than it is supposed to, I could leave it but it would just nag at me over time so I removed the board and routed out a section so that the dome would sit lower and it worked like a charm, so I pulled out some paint and painted the inside of the dome and the board. next on the list and how I missed this is well beyond me, my eyestalk is 4 inches too long, I looked over the plans and see that I included the length of the piviot block which made for a very long eyestalk. that has now been corrected. I am unhappy with the thickness of the baby blue disks on my eyestalk so I will pick up some thinker plastic tomorrow and get focused on replacing them. All that's left is eyestalk control and dome lights. I also made a template and cut out the upper belts, I will do the bottom ones tomorrow and get ready to install them. I already have thick aluminium slats made but since I will be painting them I may just pick up some plastic or a cheaper aluminium and save the ones I have for a Dalek that will not have paint on the slats. That's it for today, I spent the rest of my time doing honey dew list.

My next event is on the 26th and since it is a small event I will not be bringing a display and for the very first time Dreadnaught will be staying at home. I still have a lot to do but it is an easy pace from here on and most of it is now final stuff that only enhances a Dalek.

ITs funny , I have traipsed my PDF workshop manual all over Canada and used it as a display piece at every show I attend, with building Dreadnaught I didn't really have a need for the manual and in doing Drax and Audric I either used someone else's or hadn't reached the spot in which I needed, or simply used motorized units. now that I'm doing manual controls I really could have used the Workshop manual and for the life of me I cannot find it.


Edited by cdngoose

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I've taken a very long look-over on these postings...

This has been the Full Catastrophe !

But, you've recovered beautifully !



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Time for a few updates and progress reports, Dalek Nyder was pressed into service before he was finished and has spent most of his time as a Shawcraft 1. Nothing wrong with that but he is to be a Shawcraft 3 model.


So while I was building Davros I also turned my attention to Nyder, I have removed his metal belts and have replaced them with .040 6061-T6 Aluminium, this is a good strong grade of aluminium and see a very long life with these installed. I originally had them installed with screws into the standoffs but final install sees the belts riveted to the shoulders. Drax is along for Nyders support in these trying times of upgrades.


Here I have the slats positioned and I have opted to add a few more than I have on Drax, I like the look better for Nyder and the slats are also 6061-T6 0.125


Nyder alongside his master Davros, I was hoping to get the slats installed before the show this past week but I ran out of time and still had too much detail work to do. The slats require a significant amount of time to eyeball in the right position.

street picture.jpg

Here is a shot of the boys just before loading on the trailer for the show. I have removed the slats on Nyder due to time issues.


SO that leads us to today, Nyder is in the driveway all his slats have been sanded to size. I am awaiting for some shoulder body work to harden then I will  sand and touch up and commence placing the slats and mesh. More to come as Nyder is this weeks project as I bring him to completions.



During a Live TV broadcast Nyder was directed to load his big gun and shoot the actor directly in the head to mess up his hair which is a point of crooning for the actor! Of course this is acceptable under these conditions.


nyder blast.jpg

This was the Local TV shows final episode for the season the day before this actor was Driving Nyder, so it only seemed fitting that the end of the season was done with an EXTERMINATION!


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Dalek Nyders Table Duties, raising funds for Sick Kids Hospitals.





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AS requested by John,.item has been moved to my build diary from the status update.




HELP PLEASE, Spent all morning searching the forum , looking for a wheelchair motor installation that can be engaged and disengaged for foot power while operator remains seated inside Dalek. Has ANYONE seen such a thing



It's not on this forum, but (if you have a lot of money to spend) check out MAX Mobility's SmartDrive Power Assist. It might give you some ideas.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a-_hgHJdnu4


project one

Hi cdngoose, Ive got disengageable motors on my full size custom build, its a Dynamic 4.2i , hope this helps chris.



HI Chris I'm not looking to disengage the wheels from the drive the mobility chair motors have this feature built into them. I want to remove the rubber from the floor so I can foot power. I desire a system that allows me to drive through the convention on the two mobility chair motors and when I reach a destination I can throw a lever or some such idea and switch to foot power and then have the ability to move laterally and diagonally. giving the Dalek a floating effect. then engage the wheels to the ground, sit back and motor onto the next stop point. I will look at the MAX system, but I don't think I have heard of anyone doing this before.


It is all going to be in the design of the frame installed into the Dalek, the frame will have four castered wheels and two mobility wheels located on a system that can be raised and lowered to engage the power wheels to the ground and remove them so that only the 4 castered wheels are on the ground and I can foot power, I know it will be heavy with two 12V batteries installed, but I don't plan on foot power for any distance, just to allow me the ability to spin and move laterally and diagonally while rotating which is only available to fully castered Daleks. The mobility wheels need to be on a lever system to allow rapid movement and must have a spring system to allow for independent suspension on uneven surfaces.


Has ANYONE heard of such a system, or do you all think I'm NUTS





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hopefully you have read the above entry and can offer an opinion, a location to something similar or even a hand drawing of your thoughts, but until I get to that point it is time for another update.

Today is finally slat day and I had NO idea it would take me most of a day to do this task, considering I already had them on with clothes pins and thought I had the dimensions worked out.



First up, what I am sure about the center and two outside small slats and the first two tall slats and center rear tall slat are fixed points so they are located first.



Also I had two dents from the initial construction when I lost control of the shoulders and the string broke allowing the shoulders to swing over and get damaged by the hemispheres.

though this would be hidden by the slats it was forever a sore point to me so they had to be repaired and repainted first.



Next was to use one slat as a template for the holes on the remaining small slats so that all rivets lined up.



I started putting on the slats but didn't like how they looked, so out came the sander and a quick once over to give each slat a satin finish. before and after pictured here.



Once I had the must go here slats attached I set about making the rest equal distance. Luckily I dipped into my aircraft rivet spacing tools and brought out this tool for setting equal distances without the need for endless math. you can also achieve this same result with using a elastic waist band for your track pants and while it is relaxed use a sharpie to draw lines an inch apart. clamp the first line on the location you first drilled and one line on the last location and all the lines in-between will be equally spaced. This tool will work wonders for you in doing this job.



All the top rivet holes are drilled and front slats are final location, not to affix the bottom holes. the copper tools you see are clecos, they are a tool used in body shops and aircraft construction for holding two pieces of metal together temporarily.



Front slats look good and even for the most part.



 Back slats are spaced and installed



Fibreglass work is done and repainted slats have all been positioned and now on to the mesh installation. Working from the rear to the front on both sides.



Mesh is all on and just checking final overhangs and placements before final riveting..



Their it is final install of slats and mesh, I figured it would take me an hour, it took me 8 hours with all the cleaning and repairs, but I'm very happy with the final installation and look this gives to Nyder.


 Several tasks left on this build, wiring, change eyestalk pivot and disks, plus make a better dome control handle. raise the fender a bit for better clearance of wheelchair. or hopefully install a whole new caster, mobility combination to this Dalek. More to come this week as I try to come to a full conclusion of this build by the end of the week. Then onto Drax for some upgrades and back to Davros for completion before the next show. 3D Printer is already turning out new parts for Charity, my next build which is a NSD, Wife wonders when it will stop, I told her I have 3 spots left in the trailer unless I sell something! She walked away shaking her head!

On a plus note I picked up a Ski Doo Track for another Dalek project that Mechmaster and I collaborated on. Though it will definitely be a late winter project and my first RC Dalek. ( I JUST couldn't bring myself to building an R2 unit it has to be Dalek!)





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If you cannot raise the powered rubber, can you lower the other casters a bit to disengage for foot trundling?  I had a set of casters on a table saw that lowered to move the table and raised (rather than having a brake) so that they were above the solid foot when using the saw. Perhaps you could have a lever like on an office chair that when pulled with your weight on the seat dropped the power wheels into contact with the ground. Pulling the same lever with your weight off of the chair would give some springs enough power to levitate the movable bits up to disengage.



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