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Lstronghill's Double Dalek Project

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Aug 6, 2016


Shirt and shoulders are still being sanded. I'm out of commission for working on my dalek until healed but Jr is still working away SLOWLY. He even enlisted grammie to help who ended up doing most of the sanding. 


IMG_1414 - resized.jpgIMG_1417-resized.jpg


The instructions given are not what I am hearing...found out that I use way to much putty. :lol:


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July 17, 2016


Hemis are sanded and ready for painting.

20160717_141341 resized.jpg


Sept 2, 2016


Back from summer camp means more sanding on the skirt where he left off. More than half done! :-D

20160902_101438 resized.jpg20160902_101510 resized.jpg20160902_101521 resized.jpg


I have been banned from using any kind of filler on the daleks but have found a new interest...patching holes in buildings and working on stucco ceilings. :-)


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January 20, 2017


Only managing to get to the shop one day a week but still plugging away...


Photos from Christmas holidays...managed to spend a week in the shop! :-)

Painting and sanding on shoulders and dome.

IMG_1904 revised.jpgIMG_1924 revised.jpgIMG_1926 revised.jpgIMG_1931 revised.jpg


Today's achievement

Splitting of skirt

IMG_1977 revised.jpgIMG_1979 revised.jpgIMG_1980 revised.jpg


Assembling rings

IMG_1981 revised.jpgIMG_1988 revised.jpgIMG_1989 revised.jpg


Visual update so far!  So proud of Jr.

IMG_1991 revised.jpg


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January 28, 2017


Yesterday's shop time was a nice change...no sanding! :-)  I think it also helps that Jr has been told we will not be attending any comic cons until the dalek is finished.


***One thing I forgot to mention from last week is that the split skirt is being held together with earth magnets.


Dismantling the wheelchairs to just the wheel motors. This will help lighten the weight of the daleks.  Mind you we will still need to figure out a booster seat for Jr. ;-) 



Working on the base. Notice the supervisor in the last photo...:-)

The skirt was traced then added 2" to the outside to account for the fender. Only broke 1 jigsaw bit.



2" was measured in from the skirt line for clearance.  2" was measured in from the clearance line to measure the wheel holes. These wheel holes were 5" wide x 11" long (tires are 9" so gave 1" clearance on either side).  The wheels will be mounted using metal brackets for reinforcement near the back of the frame. 



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February 4, 2017


Adding to the variety and keeping the excitement up the hemi holes were today's project.


Measuring and marking



Drilling 1...2...3...4...



Jr found a blue filament that he liked better than the blue spray paint we were going to use.



Widening the wheel holes in the base. If we get a flat the wheel can come off easily. Testing with coat hangers to use as a lever the activate the wheelchair brakes. It worked great! Just need to get some eye hole screws for the longer coat hanger to go through.





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