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Lstronghill's Double Dalek Project

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Time to catch up on posts....


April 8, 2017

3D eye stock rings completed and assembled



Flip top

Used a lift similar to one on the back window of a vehicle. Can't think of the proper word at the moment. It was attached to the back strut for stability and will not allow the shoulders to flip back further unless the entire pole is raised and re-attached. There is also single hinge attaching the back of the skirt to the shoulders. I'm concerned about twisting only having one pivot point but will see through use.



The dome got knocked over and scratched up...had to be sanded and repainted.

IMG_2409resized.thumb.jpg.90ed68ffb2e33147e8766ccbd8f86f7d.jpg  58f8b33b4dc3f_repainteddome.thumb.jpg.e1094b7bfdd43127211a99480f92ae1a.jpg


April 15, 2017

The rest of the hemis were attached. Now the gun and plunger. Love the gun! 



Stapling fabric to the neck. 1 layer of speaker cloth for the sides and back of the neck. 4 layers of black sheer for the front.



April 17, 2017

Added 2 screws for the dome swivel to prevent the eye stock from rotating all the way around when the shoulders are flipped back.



Looking good.



First trundle. The earth magnets on the right side of the skirt kept letting go. Need to add a counter balance in the front of the shoulders. Got stuck a few times trying to get on the driveway. Need to rethink the front castors. Need to re-cut belts. The first ones were to short.



Still lots to do...



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Posted (edited)

Catching up on post updates...


April 22-23, 2017

Omega was unveiled at  Cornwall Area Pop Event.

CAPE-001-Group-Shot-2017.thumb.jpg.0bb0d8af8c5ec50f92945197e08bccde.jpg Omega.thumb.jpg.2048af981ab6bdad4c99d55b4a1109b9.jpg


Won best in Class and had fun dressing as the Dalek Cottontail trundling down the dalek trail...

59106ff5a9aa1_Omegatall.thumb.jpg.20973ec2855f1d61e8ba9f9300dce2e6.jpg Omega.jpg59106ff4174e9_Omegaplate.thumb.jpg.e89f0b88d3f9c00e9998039858661a82.jpg59106ff1b7aad_Omegacosplaycontestwinner.thumb.jpg.2816c24d89eb928403f81ffc361c7e39.jpg 59106ff98d01c_Thewinner.thumb.jpg.11f6166b3e1f3764943b72e54b7e74a5.jpg 


What we've noticed...

- The belts were too short because the spacers for attaching were not taken into consideration. 

- The when opened the back bottom of the shoulders top is digging in the back of the skirt.


- Jr has difficulty getting in and out with the shoulders not opening high enough. I don't like the way the hinge lets the shoulders twist. It's sturdy but I don't like it.

- need to make protective coverings for transporting. Omega is already well scratched up.

- when the head set doesn't work Jr freezes

- need a better way to mount the lights underneath. 


Now to continue on with Beta's build....back to sanding and aiming for a September finish.

Edited by lstronghill
A photo dropped out of place to the end of the post. moved it back up.

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