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Cost Of Renting A Welder? (USA)

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Trackhappy has good points.

This is especially true for units that look "new". Why would anyone let go of a new looking machine? That would be suspicious for me.
Machines that look old have probably served their owners for years without problems but keep in mind, any warranty has expired a long time ago and spare parts might be a pain in the back of your casing to find.

Welding machines are not like other machines. You can get a 100-year old Lathe or Bandsaw and it will most probably serve you for the next 100 years as much as the machines made a year ago. In welding however, you should want all the new improvements because they make your welding experience and your work better but if you don't have enough money to buy a new welder, and if you need a welder for a few welds every year and you find one for cheap that is in good condition, by all means, take the welder, take their arm, take their daughter or their son, or take them both (let us not be sexists).

As for the torches/electrode-holders, it is always a good idea to stock space parts and consumables when they are available. Stick has no consumables, but MIG and TIG have. There are resources available about what models work with each machine, including cheaper as well as expensive models.
Personally, I would not buy a welder unless all the leads, cables and connections are in good working order.

As for the removable leads, yes, not being able to reverse the polarity of the neutron... ehm... electron flow, would be a waste of money but then again, if you get the machine for cheap and the machine covers your needs, go for it.

Yes, ChuckE2009 is great and so is WeldingTipsAndTricks. check them out ;)


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For anyone that might be interested; I did end up renting that gasless welder and it worked out pretty well. It was much easier to use than I expected and the welds seem to be very very solid. Aside from the fact that theyre some of the ugliest welds known to man, Id say it was a success. Take a peek at my build diary for a look at the welded rame.

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Good to know. :)

Yes, the welds look terrible, almost as terrible as mine, but they are most probably going to hold well (Hey, we are not welding to code specs anyway :P).

Your build is coming along nicely. You have done a great work so far. Keep going!


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