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Stephen R

Stephen's Dalek

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Cheers. I found it easier to cut the chamfer with the internal peice still in place. This way you can use just one central hole for all the circular cuts.i also raised the hole thing up on a block and screwed it down to my bench to stop it moving whilst I cut it with the router.  If you look at my build diary I give a detailed guide on trefoil dowel drilling. I tried a pillar drill first but it was not the best way for me. 


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Thanks Simon!  I will go see how you drilled for the trefoil.  I finished up gluing all the inside strips last night in the skirt- not photo worthy, lol.

Tonight is sand and fill the outside angles on the skirt and make it look symmetrical- or at least like I kinda knew what I was doing when I put it all together! :) 


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