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Making The Eye Stalk And Discs

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im a newbie, and will be starting my dalek build soon. Ive been reading the build guide and lots of threads on here so I can build up my knowledge but I have a couple of questions regarding the eye stalk build. I guess these have been asked before and for that I apologise. First question re the discs. Ive sourced the parts needed on the EMA website but understand that they need to be reduced in size. Without a lathe or access to one, what's the best method for doing this?


second question is the construction of the stalk itself. I would have thought as a layman that you get the aluminium tube in the correct diameter and attach everything to it, although I am unsure on how you would make the hole in the discs big enough without cracking them. However, after doing a bit of digging, I also believe that the correct method is to use a thinner inner tube and slide the bits over this? Which is correct? And if this is the case why this method?


Sorry for been a bit thick.




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There's more than one way to skin a Slyther.


I would suggest you do more reading of build diaries & look into the appendages section in greater depth, as a lot of the same questions get asked by newbies & repeatedly giving the same answers just clogs up the forum (as well as a little irksome).

That said, first establish what type you are going to build, from your comments I'm guessing NSD


Eyestalks themselves can be sourced from curtain rod or similar lightweight household items (I get a lot of the appendages rods from Ikea clearance area) & then a threaded bar or tube, cut the tube to the required length allowing for mounting into the pivot for the stalk & the spacer pieces.  Washers or in my case 3D printed inserts will center up the threaded bar which runs through the the main stalk, each disk\spacer & then into the eye itself which then has a nut (as will the pivot end) to pull & tighten the assembly if you use threaded tube you can run power cables for illumination into the eye.


Accuracy\price is your choice, a rod at 20mm for 5 quid against the plans dimensions of 22mm (which may cost 10 quid for the wider diameter), the average Joe Public won't notice or care & if you meet other builders they are not going to take a set of calipers, protractors & rulers to verify the accuracy of your pride & joy.  If it looks like a Dalek, its a Dalek. 


Drilling a centre hole in each eye disk & bolting them through to the chuck of a clamped power drill & then bring a sanding block into play to sand down to the required diameter (removing each one when you get to the right diameter), remembering hand eye protection at all times.


That's it really please read more & start a build diary, you will find more help\answers (with potential offers of local assistance) will come along as you start logging your progress.


Best of luck with your build.

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