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Expresspcb And Copper Connection

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For sometime I have been drafting schematics & creating PCB's using ExpressPCB, then taking the (sometimes finished designs) boards over to Robot Rooms Copper Connection which enabled me a better tool to fine tune the tracks, use a greater range of library components & more importantly being able to export the files for use elsewhere instead of being tied to ExpressPCB for manufacturing.

Robot Room's website now link the download for Copper Connection to ExpressPCB who are announcing that it is absorbing\rebranding it into their existing product.   I don't know if the ability to export to Gerber Export function will be removed leaving everyone tied to ExpressPCB again for manufacture (that's how I found it in the first the place).


It might be a good time to grab a copy of this software, just in case future revisions downgrade or remove the feature.


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