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Budgeree Dalek - Chimay

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OK, today's mission is to extricate the buried plastic strip from the dome grooves. In three or four spots the plastic strip must have lifted off the dome mold and gelcoat filled the void.

(Note to self - try supergluing the strip to the mold next time instead of relying on its self-adhesive strip.)

One of the strips tore some chunks out when it was removed earlier but I think should repair easy enough.


I used a dremmel mini deburring tool to clean up some of the overburden and in a couple of places had to start to really tunnel in! Then managed to pick out the strip without causing any chipping at the groove edges.


One of the steak-knife multi purpose tools came in handy with some sandpaper wrap and the grooves are tidying up quite nicely. It wont take too much more work for me to be happy with the dome.


Shiny balls...


Frosty balls...


'sno balls like snow balls! And man, I've got ball-rubber's elbow. I seriously think I've strained a tendon in my wrist! If someone tells me there's a better way to key up 58 plastic hemis (I've done two spares) than rubbing each and every one with 240grit paper I think I'll just go and down the whole bottle of Laphroaig I've got to celebrate International Whisky Day tomorrow!

I thought I'd bolt the spare hemis in a safe place somewhere inside Chimay. Kinda like a spare tyre!


A storm's brewing up so time for a quick stack shot with a quick tape on of another PITA part gifted from the Dalek Good Fairies. There's probably heaps more I could be getting done but I find myself just standing around grinning at the thing. I love it. It really is starting to take on a life of its own. If it had turned then and talked to me I think a little bit of wee would have come out!



I forced myself to cut some spacers and glue on ready for the last belt to go on - hopefully tomorrow.


I drive past the easter bunny paddock twice a day every day and I realised a while ago that the basket of eggs had gone. Only today I realised... so is the bloody rabbit! They do say there's big cats around here in Gippsland! Too late Bec!




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Thanks RM ... I'm still hunting for the switch do be able to do that! It must be somewhere!


It is with mixed emotions that I announce the addition of the last belt. All that bending, gluing, shoving, nail bradding, shaping .... and clamps. FINISHED!


I'm eager to fix up the unruly bits if dome edging. I had a tin of gelcoat repair and then went hunting for some coloured benzoyl peroxide, unscrewing and squeezing until I found some red stuff. Finally dawned on me that if I look at the tube cap it might be an indicator of the colour of the stuff inside the tube! I wanted to be able to distinguish between dome and dome repair. I PVA'd up some scraps of 3mm MDF which swelled up enough to fill the grooves and schloobed in goobers. After a bit more targeted groove rubbing I think I'm happy with the dome... except maybe for the mouse-mat dimples in the indents - perhaps I'll give them a careful sand before paint time!

Before59228442e68d0_20170519_142925.jpg.725a8bbc8bd10bb09a720f05a2d289691.thumb.jpg.f768995d8299af959b0229b45aa81639.jpg, during 20170520_121947.thumb.jpg.efb70f54ace3cbf65ad219e9ecea1f4c.jpg20170520_135533.thumb.jpg.07d015303dc6ed86e16b4342f5f34b70.jpg, after 20170520_191605.thumb.jpg.d7fb4bcd4b6ce11f395c0fc2e6b45b00.jpg


Fibreglass dome ready means ... time to fill the hat!


And that means ... wheels and motors! (amongst other things!) The wooden buttons also got a hit of silver for their trouble


As it was fast approaching the hour to toast international whisky day I whipped out the kick-A compass and trisected my circle - give or take a few decimal places of Pi.




Slainte mhath!



I love 3 day weekends. A 4 day-er would be nice!

After walking around and around the shoulders thinking ... there MUST be more layers ... there MUST... I figured it was time for them to get a bit of a workout.

Just to be sure I glassed the gun boxes for some added security.


And then mummified the Dalek ... guess what comes next!


Yup ...And then got sticky. I knew this day was coming but couldn't believe it was actually here... until I tried to get the foam goobers off my fingers later. That day is here alright.


I'm excited when I get to recycle, so I recycled my shaking knife sabre, invented when forming the dome, and trimmed off the puffy bits that kinda look good enough to eat!

Just in case I didn't give my filter mask enough fumes to work on I gave the skirt a squirt of primer/filler.


I've marked up the dome plate to make cut outs for the wheels and motor. During the week I hope to source (or make) some suitable lamp-rod.

The it will be time to move on to more fiddly bits.

I'm excited! Can't wait til next 3 day weekend!


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Wow! looking good there!


Lamp rod is a real bugger to find here in Australia. I've had no luck sourcing it at all. I get mine from eBay and have to wait a couple of weeks for it to arrive. I really should buy a dozen lengths and just stockpile it, for when I get the building urge again. I usually just get some 10mm steel tubing and cut a thread on either end and use that.


Currently on my three day weekend, and I've sanded the new fender and shoulders for my George restoration. I'm waiting on the MIG welder I bought to arrive so I can mount the motors to a steel box frame. It's been a long time since I welded anything.


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Given your skillset Bec, I reckon you'll take to MIG like a kid to a hot glue gun!

I'm presently trying to learn TIG ... stainless ... ahahahahaha, good luck me - (for brewery equipment) . My first effort of a bead 'round a socket ended up looking like a cow turd. Think I might need more practice yet!


I tried to find "lamp rod"... even asked for "hollow threaded rod" and "threaded tube". Tried Brummies, all the local hardwares, even Middendorps electrical supplies where the girl looked at me like I was from another planet.... er ...

Rather than wait for a delivery from e-bung I figured I'd end up having to make something and pondered along the lines of PVC/electrical conduit when I tripped over some ali tube 12mm. Nice and light, I thought, so I tried to put a thread on that. As fast as I threaded it was peeling off like one of those curly spud peelers.


Back to the drawing board, and while I was wondering if plumbers had brass nipple to suit, I stumbled across some thicker walled 10mm ali tube. I think I've managed to get a half decent thread on that and I think there's enough room to shove the required wires up the 'ole for blue LED, iris servo and maybe another colour LED.


Hopefully I'll get chance to tinker some more before the weekend although we have accreditation at work this week. Darned bureaucratic bull perkacker.



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My Dad was a Plumber, he didn't have brass nipples. They were just normal ones like any other bloke.




Yeah, the thicker 10mm aluminium tube from Bunnings is what I put a thread on, though I'm sure I have three lamp rods around here somewhere. I wonder if an old second-hand store or Vinnies (or Ikea?) would have old lamps that could donate their rod for building?


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