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  • New Posts

    • Bottom skirt panel cut and now I'm ready for the dreaded fibreglass stage. Oh dear. 
    • A huge thanks to Glenn here in Oz for all of his invaluable help .....A true gentleman
    • I like the look of the build, and the progress so far. Could slip a few more pictures in there for us. Pictures make all the difference.   Kev.
    • Wow... it's been a month. I've managed to get quite a bit done in a month- it's been really exciting seeing the top-half come along!   I took my routed rings and made the neck-ring section. It was slightly difficult to get the whole thing looking nice- I tried to get clever by 'drilling' the holes in the rings, but the trefoil dowel was tight \ bending and it looked atrocious. So I took it all out, cut 'triangular' sections out of the rear of each ring and filled the gaps with putty afterwards. I used some walking stick tips (from work) that were the right size to correctly 'gap' the spaces. It took me most the day, but the end result was quite good!         I got a phone call from my friend who had cut up my slats- I picked them up. I got a few extras made up, just in case. I printed off the helpful PDF template for the shoulder collars and stuck the pages together. Carefully I traced the template onto my aluminium- 2x tops, 2x bottoms- and cut them out (fairly poorly) with my jigsaw. I then gathered the lot and handed it over to my mate who is an aluminium polisher. I have asked him to (please) clean up the edges on my collars, then brush the following:   * gun tube
      * gun rods (aluminium knitting needles)
      * slats
      * collars
      * stainless appendage balls   I already have the plunger tube, brushed to match. I am still waiting for the aluminium to arrive back- but it's getting exciting!       I visited my robotics workshop last Sunday hoping one of the guys would help me make my dome and- to my delight \ amazement- a friend of mine GAVE me one he had spare. I was extremely grateful; I know, I'm a lucky guy with great friends.       I popped the dome on top and photographed my very first stack shot!       Anyway, time waits for no man... I stated working on my final plunger. Using AdamST's handy diagram I made up some bushes for inside the tubing. It was mostly walking stick parts, plastic knobs and the occasional strip of electrical tape- after a lot of cursing and muttering I had made it all work. I then knocked up a couple of 'end caps' out of MDF... a holesaw and some patience produced a couple of really neat caps that were then primed and painted in a metallic silver paint. Here is the end result:         I cut the front hole in the dome for the eyestalk- but didn't make it wide enough for the pivot. No matter- my mates at the workshop wanted to get a progress shot of me with the Dalek so far: this is (I am fairly sure) the first photo of me WITH my Dalek. So proud.         I began work on the eye pivot and mounting... it wasn't too tricky, but I am yet to receive my threaded rod (I only had solid rod and I am using a camera- it's in the post, should arrive over the next few days). I made up the pivot out of two 102mm holesaw pieces glued together... I need to clean it up, but I managed to counter-sink two nuts inside each half of the pivot and drill through the top straight. Amazing!         I tested out the eye pivot and it works well enough! I plan to make it electronic, so that's the next step.     Finally, here is a stack shot of the Dalek so far, without pivot on eye:     I am VERY excited to have gotten this far.
    • Some more Ideas for you. Plastic sleeve to reduce the internal size of the Dalek gun. At 22mm internal, you would need a lot of smoke/fog to travel through the gun. At 8mm internal, you might be able to use less of the smoke/fog for the gun to work.   Get a small sealed roller bearing as well.   If you had 1 of those 12 volt air pumps for inflating air beds and kids inflateable toys, then you might be able to push air down 1 side of the gun and smoke/for down the centre of the gun.   If you could get air flow down the barrel of the gun, then the positive air pressure should be able to push the fog mixture out further. Positive air pressure pushes outwards, and at the back of the air flow will be negative pressure as a vacuum. The air pressure and vacuum should be able to push out and drag out the fog mixture further away from the gun. Air is clear, so you can't see it. Only the smoke/fog mixture is visible. Thinking about it, without enough air flow, then any low pressure fog mixture could appear to dribble out the end of the gun barrel, and not be projected and pushed outwards.   Found the plastic sleeve here, when I was looking for some 1 inch aluminium tubing.   This is an air blower for inflating children's jumping castle's It gives big air flow. Hooked up to a fog machine, you would get a lot of fog to fill a room real fast. Of course it would be impractical to strap this thing to the back of a Dalek and drag an electrical extension lead.   Looking out for a smaller air blower to use on 12 volt DC would be more practical. Kev.
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