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  2. John

    How Do Ranks Work?

    The new Achievements feature has now been up and running for a couple of weeks, and seems to work pretty well. Hopefully everyone has become used to the little badges that appear next to their avatars? Here is the explanation of Achievements, as included in the Forum Guidelines...
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  4. WhosWho


    Version 1.0.0


    Here's my take on the "Metaltron" from "Dalek". Modelled in Blender and Textured with Substance Painter. Included are the fully rigged Blender version as well as an exported OBJ file. Use this in any renders you like, but please credit me. Do not redistribute or sell.
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  6. DaleksFury

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  7. John

    Hello Again From Adelaide

    That's done for you.
  8. MiniatureMartin

    Hello Again From Adelaide

    @John - yep, that's me! Thank you very much, I'd appreciate you doing that.
  9. monkeytennis


    Tried learning Blender and I've just concluded that I'm too old for this s***. Looks like I'll have to go back to spanking £94/month on Cinema 4D.

    1. John


      Look at it as paying yourself £94 a month to learn Blender. Would that work? :)


    2. WhosWho


      I could give you some pointers if you like.

    3. marinedalek


      Blender's definitely a culture shock after a long time using C4D, but it gets better if you stick at it! There are some great tutorial channels on YouTube with content right up to the latest versions. It doesn't help that there are frequent revisions to the control scheme which, while making the scheme less esoteric, also make following older tutorials a bit tricky!

  10. DalekDucky

    NSD screw-on Hemi.stl

    Good day, I'm using set of 20+ ip67 5050 RGB LED Modules https://ledmontreal.com/en/single-color-and-rgb-led-modules/set-of-20-plus-ip65-5050-rgb-led-modules-0-72w-per-module.html for the most part I'm able to run a set of four from hemi to hemi with some soldering going between panels. However by the time I get to the four front panel, as the distance increases, I do have to put a small extension for the lower set of lights. I've got them all plugged in now and they work great, I'll try to get a video up to show them. To control the lights there are many options but I'm using this module https://ledmontreal.com/en/multi-zone-rf-led-strips-and-bulbs/bluetooth-3-in-1-led-controller.html which I can run through my phone and can get the lights to sync with my voice which means if I want I can get the lights to work in sync with the voice modulator. Or do random colors. Hope that helps :)
  11. DalekSupreme4


    60s, 70s & 80s Plungers back in stock... 



  12. John

    Hello Again From Adelaide

    Welcome back. @MiniatureMartin Do you know what your original account name was? It more than likely still exists. If so, I can merge it into your new account. Edit: I think I've found you: https://www.projectdalek.com/index.php?/profile/17288-factorum-unit-02/ If so, please confirm and I'll set it so that your new account takes ownership of your existing content (or the other way around, if you prefer).
  13. Greetings, fellow fans of our favourite, foot-less fiends! I Return — With Armies Of Tiny Daleks! I was here on Project Dalek ages ago, back when I was a founding member of the ADBU here in Adelaide. I drifted away, in pursuit of other interests aside from building a full-size Dalek of my own; I just don't have enough room for such a build to share my home. (Not without major domestic upheaval, anyway...). But, Daleks have always been an inspiration for creativity, and recently I again caught the Dalek Bug, so before it converts me into a Varga or something, I thought I'd re-join PD, and document my progress in building armies of scale Daleks. 1/40th scale, to be precise. I'll start a thread about all this soon, so keep an eye out for that. In the meantime, here's a preview of some of my collection to give a taste of what is to come...
  14. bec weir

    bec weir

    With the weather warming up again this week (tomorrow is expected to be a lovely 28 degrees Celsius), I've started to fiberglass up parts for future builds, while I wait for businesses to re-open due to COVID lockdowns.  

  15. Dragonlord38_uk

    NSD screw-on Hemi.stl

    What Leds are you using with it?
  16. I use 3.2mm aluminium TIG welding rods as you can usually get a handful dirt cheap on eBay and they are easy to work with.
  17. There was a discussion (possibly in one of John Kelly's build topics) where we settled on 3.2 mm TIG filler rods as a likely "original" source. They're made of mild steel and plated with a thin layer of copper. They're available from welding suppliers in 1m lengths. Getting three gun wires out of a single rod would be a bit tight because it would be tricky to bend it, but you can get two per rod no problem.
  18. The retainer rods on new Gas Shock-absorbers are almost perfect. They are very strong, lightweight can be reshaped. The rods are for packaging purposes only to keep the shock compressed in the box and are discarded when the shocks are installed. You may find a free supply from you local Wheel Alignment/Suspension Workshop. The one in the photo is 4.5mm diameter with the straight length at 350mm.
  19. thanks RepeatedMeme and thanks john
  20. Similar to John's suggestion - an oven rack (or barbecue rack)
  21. Old oven shelves are often made of rods of the correct thickness.
  22. I used metal coat hanger wire. It's not quite as thick as the wire on the originals, but It's really easy to bend, & you can get them free, so It's great if you are on a tight budget. Hope that helps. Russell
  23. Brazing rods? Or steel rods from a model maker's supplier? Look at build diaries to see what other people have used.
  24. any recomendations on where can i find the wire for my mk1 dalek gun?
  25. Earlier
  26. And here’s a little upgrade. I’ve made a Series of interchangeable lenses. With varying iris size.
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    • Post in TobySkyward's 2nd Davros
      Well it's been a long hard road but I've nearly finished. Electrical work is really hard for my tiny brain but after lots of trial and error I've got everything working.
      I thought I'd let you know some of the statistics of this ridiculous idea I had.
      Over 3000 led lights.
      Flashing hemispheres when I speak.
      81 individually created stained glass effect panels.
      600 metres of lead
      50 metres of wiring 
      3 x 55Ah batteries 
      Bespoke chassis to carry the frame 
      A steel welded frame to hold the panels
      A 12inch frame lifter that bolts to the chassis.
      2 gun mounts (still to finish but working)
      A tilt system so I can bow
      A 12v electrical system for all the lighting
      A 24v system to power the actuators on the lift, tilt and weapons 
      Weighing and almighty 350kg when I'm sat in him
      A console full of switches and buttons so I can turn everything on and off
      The only thing I haven't made was the voice mod because I was lucky enough to get one of the new ones available here.
      It's been about 10 months from start to finish on days off and some evenings in a tiny room about 6ft square. I'm totally exhausted but elated at the same time.
      I've got the weapons to finish and some lead work to do around the outside of all the panels and then he's done.
      The pictures show my awful wiring and hopefully you'll get the general effect from others.
      Thanks for reading and I'll do some final shots when he's finished.

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    • Full Size 3D Printable NSD-like Dalek
      Hello all, I hope some of you find this useful, and no one finds it frustrating...
      These are the STL files I designed and used to print Duma.  You can read all the details here: 
      I used this project to gain experience both with CAD and 3D printing.  Both of which I had no experience with before starting.  I started at the top and worked my way down, and you can see how my skills developed a bit as progress was made.  There are places where things don't quite match the plans, most notably the NSD dome grooves are missing.  I didn't have the skills at the time I did the dome to make that happen.  One other thing to note, that you might not notice is the eye stalk is slightly shorter than the plans.  This was done intentionally to fit a lamp rod down the center to reinforce it.  Straight up 3D printed stalk was not strong enough by itself.  Likewise the gun and plunger have lamp rods through them too, but I used long enough rods that they could be trimmed to fit.  I took artistic license here and there, for the most part it follows the plans...

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    • Post in Elembivos' NSD - Duma - 3D Printed
      Full-size 3D printed New Series Dalek, almost complete.
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    • Post in John K's Necros Dalek
      At last, he's done. I picked up the metalwork yesterday, cut to final length, drilled the holes then painted it all matt black.
      All fitted this morning. Here are the innards of the dome.
      This is what the top half looks like from inside.
      And here's the finished article.
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    • Post in Anthony's Daleks
      Made a few shots with a stock model to try and give otherwise static scenes a little life. Quite pleased with the results, so I might try and do more like this, introducing cameras / operators etc...
      Large versions - https://imgur.com/a/ixWwpfV
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    • Post in Anthony's Daleks
      A render of my still-WIP Mechanus set. Aside from a couple of tweaks it's just the background decoration to go now. Might yet tweak the lighting to get it to more closely resemble the real thing.
      Large versions... https://imgur.com/a/pgbgF3J
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    • Jonathan's Planet Supreme
      These two Dalek still impress us. Amazing attention to detail. Jonathan's Planet Supreme https://www.projectdalek.com/index.php?/topic/12115-jonathans-planet-supreme/ #ProjectDalek #Dalekbuilders #Dalek
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    • Post in Bec Weir's SWD
      Bringing out the big guns!
      See the whole build diary... Bec Weir's SWD https://www.projectdalek.com/index.php?/topic/14738-bec-weirs-swd #ProjectDalek #Dalekbuilders #Dalek
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    • Dalekalendar 2021
      Presenting the Project Dalek 'Dalekalendar' 2021.
      The Daleks are having a tough time on Skaro with a viral outbreak that mirrors our own problems, here on Earth.
      With CG images created by Forum members, @WhosWho, @Grythandril and @AntLamb the calendar charts the progress of the Daleks as their High Council deal with an emerging pandemic.
      Naturally, a selection of Forum built Daleks join-in with the emergency Zoom meetings throughout the year, along with one or two unusual interlopers. 
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    • Post in James's Dalek Creations
      Latest project.
      Now, instead of doing the rational thing and making a new Imperial Special Weapons Dalek I took those brand new shiny plans and butchered them into this! 😅


      As usual, larger versions over on twitter.
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