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  3. bec weir

    Hello From Essex

    Go old school and at least give building a go first.
  4. Maz

    Hello From Essex

    Cheers John will do
  5. Simons Dalek

    Simons Dalek

    Hope everyone has an amazing Christmas. See you all next year.

  6. John

    Hello From Essex

    Welcome to the Forum. I'd always recommend the traditional way (given the Forum Guidelines), but if you go the kit route, take some time to look closely at photographs of what you're likely to get. There are some truly terrible kits out there with questionable dimensions. The shape of the gun boxes is often a giveaway as to the quality of what you're likely to get.
  7. Maz

    Hello From Essex

    Hi all, looking forward s to getting started on my first build still not sure if I should buy a fibre glass kit from Glasgow mouldings or do a build the traditional way, going to have a good read on the site before making a decision cheers maz
  8. Inspector Gadget

    Dalek Lightyear (1960's Movie Dalek)

    A few more photos, each has different lighting settings
  9. Last week
  10. Inspector Gadget

    Dalek Lightyear (1960's Movie Dalek)

    I took a few photos of him near some Christmas lights which changed the lighting of the room he's in, these ended up giving some neat results
  11. Dudeonicus

    • Dudeonicus
    • Trackhappy

    Hello 👋  

    I am looking for one of your modulators for my new Dalek would you be able to give me some information on build time and cost? I live in Seymour Victoria Australia 🇦🇺 

  12. Four Realms

    Dalek Lightyear (1960's Movie Dalek)

    Really cool! I like the red-top look. Reminds me of the 60s merchandising art and comics
  13. Earlier
  14. Here's all the main pictures I have of my 1960's movie Dalek, which I've named "Dalek Lightyear". He is mostly based on the drones from "Dr. Who and the Daleks", with a dome based more on the red subcommander Dalek from the same film.
  15. Skin-Job

    Hello From Ealing, West London

    Hi, thanks very much. Much as I love the older versions, I'm drawn to the NSD as I feel it's a logical evolution of the classic design. I really like the bronze/gold colour scheme too.
  16. John

    Hello From Ealing, West London

    Hi Karl, good to have you on-board. Looking forward to seeing your progress. Which style of dalek are you thinking of building?
  17. Hello everyone I'm Karl, I've wanted to join for a good while now. I'm a film industry professional of over 30 years, model and propmaker and have wanted to build a full size Dalek for literally decades. I hope to get started in the New Year. I'm looking forward to reading through the amazing content of this site, what a resource. Best, Karl
  18. DalekDucky

    Voice Modulator holder

    Version 1.0.0


    I created this file to mount my voice modulator below my legs in the Dalek it is made to not interfere with any of the buttons. I added a place to add a strap to hold the modulator in place but the unit is tight enough that you don't really need the straps (but why take a chance) Enjoy
  19. DalekDucky

    Dalek Canuk

    Well my ironside version still needs some work, but here are some pictures of my camouflaged as a Christmas tree NSD picture from my first Comicon Shhh, Canuk and Soufflé are going to sneak up on Santa!
  20. John

    • John
    • derektelling

    Many thanks for your donation to help keep Project Dalek going. It is very much appreciated. :)

  21. monty261


    Are there full size templates for Dalek parts I can trace out and cut? For example the neck and gun box assembelys?

    1. RepeatedMeme


      It depends on what style of Dalek. The idea is to follow the plans and draw what's shown. There are templates for the shoulder base, and dome former, for instance. Some of the CNC files may help you.


      Look through build diaries (in Builders Progress), or start one yourself to get help. :)


  22. Many years late to this thread, but since last Saturday, i now own a DIOE Supreme called 'Dalek Muto'. Very rare to find DIOE Supremes
  23. Invasion Drone

    Invasion Drone

    I think I keep mixing up my build and showcase threads...! Here are a few more photos:
  24. Invasion Drone

    Invasion Drone

    I've written down much of the Dalek dialogue from both movies, and by switching from an old phone to an old Fire tablet, I've condensed it into 3 images, which I can use to bark authentic Dalek phrases at people. I'll post them here, in case they are of any use to you - I've only spotted a couple of typos...! I also have the same 130 phrases as single images, on slideshow, for a smaller phone screen - let me know if you'd like them, I'll send them to you;
  25. Cameron Codona

    Cameron Codona

    Just seen the new episode tonight and my god what did they do to the Dalek CGI in recent years?

    Ok dont want to come across as negative as we all know a lot about that with current era who but not going into that or a "hater" but for a moment I will admit was a happy to see the Daleks for a split second (cameo? as there not in this series im guessing )but as soon as I could tell they were CGI I just shook my head in disbelieve and it was god awful let alone the neck now turning?, how lazy are they now just to make good CGI for the Mk 3 travel machine now, was nice to see them like I say but how is it that's we've had better CG back in the Tennent era. 

    1. SamTherapy


      Exactly my thoughts.

    2. WhosWho


      Maybe it's some kind of COVID thing? Maybe they can't have people enclosed in the real props (inside of the props could be too difficult to sanitise), so they used CGI instead. That being said, it feels like they forgot that we exist. If they asked, I'd let them use one of my models in a heart beat.

    3. Cameron Codona

      Cameron Codona


      I get that with covid as Ive had many discussions on YT with others on this but it really shouldn't effect the look of the CG props, but with out going on a tangent Ive heard (dont know if true as I m not a hater of the new series even if I sound like it) but apparently alot of bad things has happened on set and the company "millennium FX" ( who did the special effects on prosthetics and props) dropped out half way through series 12 reason on why the props looked bad (angels and they apparently stole the masks for passenger from wish. com)

      the effects on the daleks themselves looked really poor whihc doesnt make sense as the props (NSD) ones have been spotted during filming with the head covered and appendages so I really dont know why they used the CG ones as we all know there are ways to make daleks travel over uneven terrain .

  26. John


    Thanks to everyone who has donated this year. One of the two large annual bills just came through and you've kept me in the black. :)

  27. Invasion Drone

    Invasion Drone

  28. SimonDalekProbie

    Invasion Drone

    Hi, I am having brain freeze - too much work and not enough productive fun on my saucer commander. I have just done the search and found the details of Charity Dalek - thanks anyway!
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    • Post in TobySkyward's 2nd Davros
      Well it's been a long hard road but I've nearly finished. Electrical work is really hard for my tiny brain but after lots of trial and error I've got everything working.
      I thought I'd let you know some of the statistics of this ridiculous idea I had.
      Over 3000 led lights.
      Flashing hemispheres when I speak.
      81 individually created stained glass effect panels.
      600 metres of lead
      50 metres of wiring 
      3 x 55Ah batteries 
      Bespoke chassis to carry the frame 
      A steel welded frame to hold the panels
      A 12inch frame lifter that bolts to the chassis.
      2 gun mounts (still to finish but working)
      A tilt system so I can bow
      A 12v electrical system for all the lighting
      A 24v system to power the actuators on the lift, tilt and weapons 
      Weighing and almighty 350kg when I'm sat in him
      A console full of switches and buttons so I can turn everything on and off
      The only thing I haven't made was the voice mod because I was lucky enough to get one of the new ones available here.
      It's been about 10 months from start to finish on days off and some evenings in a tiny room about 6ft square. I'm totally exhausted but elated at the same time.
      I've got the weapons to finish and some lead work to do around the outside of all the panels and then he's done.
      The pictures show my awful wiring and hopefully you'll get the general effect from others.
      Thanks for reading and I'll do some final shots when he's finished.

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    • Full Size 3D Printable NSD-like Dalek
      Hello all, I hope some of you find this useful, and no one finds it frustrating...
      These are the STL files I designed and used to print Duma.  You can read all the details here: 
      I used this project to gain experience both with CAD and 3D printing.  Both of which I had no experience with before starting.  I started at the top and worked my way down, and you can see how my skills developed a bit as progress was made.  There are places where things don't quite match the plans, most notably the NSD dome grooves are missing.  I didn't have the skills at the time I did the dome to make that happen.  One other thing to note, that you might not notice is the eye stalk is slightly shorter than the plans.  This was done intentionally to fit a lamp rod down the center to reinforce it.  Straight up 3D printed stalk was not strong enough by itself.  Likewise the gun and plunger have lamp rods through them too, but I used long enough rods that they could be trimmed to fit.  I took artistic license here and there, for the most part it follows the plans...

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    • Post in Elembivos' NSD - Duma - 3D Printed
      Full-size 3D printed New Series Dalek, almost complete.
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    • Post in John K's Necros Dalek
      At last, he's done. I picked up the metalwork yesterday, cut to final length, drilled the holes then painted it all matt black.
      All fitted this morning. Here are the innards of the dome.
      This is what the top half looks like from inside.
      And here's the finished article.
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    • Post in Anthony's Daleks
      Made a few shots with a stock model to try and give otherwise static scenes a little life. Quite pleased with the results, so I might try and do more like this, introducing cameras / operators etc...
      Large versions - https://imgur.com/a/ixWwpfV
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    • Post in Anthony's Daleks
      A render of my still-WIP Mechanus set. Aside from a couple of tweaks it's just the background decoration to go now. Might yet tweak the lighting to get it to more closely resemble the real thing.
      Large versions... https://imgur.com/a/pgbgF3J
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    • Jonathan's Planet Supreme
      These two Dalek still impress us. Amazing attention to detail. Jonathan's Planet Supreme https://www.projectdalek.com/index.php?/topic/12115-jonathans-planet-supreme/ #ProjectDalek #Dalekbuilders #Dalek
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    • Post in Bec Weir's SWD
      Bringing out the big guns!
      See the whole build diary... Bec Weir's SWD https://www.projectdalek.com/index.php?/topic/14738-bec-weirs-swd #ProjectDalek #Dalekbuilders #Dalek
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    • Dalekalendar 2021
      Presenting the Project Dalek 'Dalekalendar' 2021.
      The Daleks are having a tough time on Skaro with a viral outbreak that mirrors our own problems, here on Earth.
      With CG images created by Forum members, @WhosWho, @Grythandril and @AntLamb the calendar charts the progress of the Daleks as their High Council deal with an emerging pandemic.
      Naturally, a selection of Forum built Daleks join-in with the emergency Zoom meetings throughout the year, along with one or two unusual interlopers. 
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    • Post in James's Dalek Creations
      Latest project.
      Now, instead of doing the rational thing and making a new Imperial Special Weapons Dalek I took those brand new shiny plans and butchered them into this! 😅


      As usual, larger versions over on twitter.
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