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Jonathan's Planet Supreme


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So I made one of these. :)


This is a build which kind of crept up on me. Working on my 60s build I found myself accumulating an awful lot of spare parts and surplus materials. I initially found myself with a spare plywood skirt, a set of bolt on hemis, a Shawcraft style dome, a TV neck, plus a load of extra MDF, aluminium, tubing, perspex and mesh. Later I found myself with a spare movie bumper and shoulder too. Basically I had enough for a whole other Dalek.

I decided to finish these pieces up into a replica of the Planet Supreme. This meant I couldn't use the TV neck cage but fortunately there was enough MDF to router out another set. I've worked on this side by side with my main build every now and then for the last few years but only recently did the thing finally come together. There's no build diary as most of the parts and methods used are covered by my mix and match thread, plus I thought it would be fun to do a surprise showcase out of nowhere. :D

Having said that, I'll just briefly mention the parts which are unique to the planet supreme.

The flat edged rings were done using the router as normal. The rails aren't actually curtain rail, but are plastic ducting from B&Q fastened down with round-headed screws. No special bending or heating was required, the rails went on quite happily with the screws marked out in 16 equal spacings. The joins obviously required two screws, making 17 screws per ring.


I searched for a suitable vintage torch for the eye, but could find nothing which looked right. In the end I turned one in wood, with a length of 3” acrylic tube screwed to the front. The pattern of lines on this part was masked off and then the tube sprayed white to complete the effect.


The dome lights are jam jars with purple lighting gel inside, as per the originals.


Mid build I had another thought. With the skirt and shoulders sprayed black with gold hemis I noticed how similar it was looking to the second movie black Dalek. I then realised that I could easily mock up a version of this Dalek temporarily. All I needed to do was hold back from painting the collars and borrow some bits from my other Dalek. The claw, neck and eyestalk came from my 60s build, whilst a dome was temporarily pilfered from my eighties Dalek and sprayed black.

Here's how it looked...


After these pictures were taken, the collars were sprayed up and the other bits returned back to the other Daleks. Well, almost all of them. The black dome was then sprayed red so that another old favourite could be made up....


So there it is. I'll try to get some photos of the lights lit up sometime over the weekend. I think it'll probably have to go to a new home as I don't think I'll have the room to store yet another Dalek on top of the ones I have. It has been fun though!

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Wow, just amazing.

I'm tackling a Black Dalek based on the movies & if mine ends up even half as good as yours, I'll be over the moon.

They just simply look beautiful!

In fact there are no words to do them justice.

I think I'll be spending a lot of time today studying those pictures!


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Oh wow, they look absolutely sensational!

LOVE the missing plunger on the red-top in the background of a few of those photos. Feels totally authentic!

Fantastic work!

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Thanks everyone, such nice comments! :)

I've managed to get some photos with the lights on - sort of. They're not great images since I'm using a borrowed camera and I haven't quite fathomed out the exposure time settings yet.


I took a few alternative images of the Daleks if anyone is interested. This is straying into custom territory, but I'll keep everything in this thread anyway.

First of all, a couple of 'what if' takes on the Supreme...

How the Supreme would have looked if it had kept its original movie neck. I actually like this more than the 'real' version!


Also, how it might have looked if the FX team on Planet had had a go at making it match the other TV props.


Next up, the slightly neater version of red top which only ever existed on the merchandise illustrations of the day.


Something trying to look roughly like the "Seven Keys to Doomsday" props. This works best if you squint a bit and don't compare it too closely with the originals. This one probably works best in black and white.


Plus a few other shots including some random combinations which were assembled on the spot. I could probably make up quite a lot of random variants but I don't want to clutter up the thread and bore everyone!


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Brilliant, I could look at these photos all day.

I love the assorted Daleks. They remind me of the early 90s Lee Sullivan comic Daleks.


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