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Aaron's Renegade N3N4

Aaron J Climas

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Apologies about the poor quality images. I will hopefully take some better comparison images in daylight. But it's 9:30 at night and I have *finally* finished the rebuild for my replica Dalek N3N4.


It's a slightly awkward Dalek, and I don't think the images are quite doing it justice.

I do realise it has a showcase before, but I think it's such a radical rebuild that it's worth a new thread. I'll take you through it part by part, from the top down.

The dome was replaced with a 'classic' style dome rather than the Imperial style dome. Although I suspect that the transition line is still hitting a little hard in the light.

The dome lights are the same, but the surrounds have been replaced with the taller, thinner version used in the story. It spent some time tracking down identical ones, before deciding to 3D print and mould replicas. Then thought I would try trimming down the existing ones, that ultimately only ended up around 1mm or so off from where they should be sitting.

The dome light positions were also moved 'out' a little more to match the original props.


The eyestalk is a complete rebuild again, I actually rebuilt this twice, trying both transparent and silver eye discs before settling on silver, 3mm. The eye pivot was lathed to the correct size, and the front of the eyeball was 3D printed and recast in the correct size, and had the main eyeball offset from the centre as per the original prop. The front decal is a little thick, I am considering replacing it, but 1.5mm is as thin as I could go before it seemed to sit like a 'sticker'.

The tube on the eye is ally rather than PVC, as I assume the original was, to help counterweight it a little.


The neck is a complete rebuild, matching the original prop. Including very poorly fitting interior bin. I matched the incorrectly matching interior dimensions for the neck rings, square neck struts, and thickly constructed bin.

I didn't use an A-Frame inside the dome. I may do that at some point.

The shoulders were stripped back to fibreglass and the foam mesh readded. This time in two layers, one 10mm thick layer and another 2mm thick layer of black mesh, with pattern added.


The mesh pattern is damn close to the original pattern, it was added by spraying the mesh entirely silver, putting the pattern down, then spraying it black. So It is darker and lighter in certain areas, matching the inconsistency of the original prop very accurately

The slats are an off black, although perhaps not quite dark enough they are quite a close match to the original prop.

The slats and shoulders were painted by hand, although I believe initially th props were sprayed, the original paint sample I have has clearly been painted by hand onto quite a dusty surface, and I aimed to replicate that.

The arm and gun have gone with the grey pivots, with black highlights. I believe the original interior arms for this prop was white (or unpainted PVC?), I have painted it a light grey to try and get the correct feel for the prop.

The gun was remade from scratch. Initially I thought my rods were far too wide, but looking at the original prop this is indeed the case.

Thanks to MonkeyTennis I have a correct plunger for the prop.

The skirt was stripped back to gelcoat, and repainted (by hand) the hemispheres were reused from the previous build, as they appear to be the same size as the originals. Again, stripped back and painted by hand.

The fender was masked and sprayed, and then repainted with a brush quite thickly.

I cut away the underside fibreglass of the prop and added a rubber strip down from the wheels to replicate the prop as seen in the 'IM Foreman' junkyard sequence.


Overall I am very, very happy with the prop. It's really taken an obscene level of research on the prop, and a lot of time and effort to rebuild it multiple times to try and capture the flavour of the original prop.

I am indebted to a number of people MonkeyTennis, MovieDalek, 6388's Jon and Gav, and my very own Reactordrone and Richard White for helping me strip, paint and rebuild the prop more times than is healthy.

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Looks fantastic! Love the mesh effect.

It has come a long way over the years but the end result was, I'm sure, more than worth the effort.

Bravo! :)

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And those daylight shots, as promised!

The problem with the off black and the hand painted grey is it *ALWAYS* looks dusty, no matter what you do to it. I think perhaps I may have gone too matt on the paint, and a semi-gloss may have been in order. But.. it gets the feeling across of the original prop.


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Looks amazing Aaron. Well worth all the time you spent on researching the prop. I'd love to have that sitting in my living-room.

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