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Refurb Of A Screen Used Special Weapons Dalek


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Just finished my reno on the SWD used in The Magicians Apprentice and The Witch's Familiar. Anybody wanting any info before he goes back to his owner?


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Oh- Lovely! I certainly would love some details from if at all possible. 

I might PM you with some questions!



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Really great to see some photos of this. Do you have any photos of the refurbishment in progress or the insides of the various sections?


What's the back story to how you came to refurbish the prop?

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Do you have any measurements at all of this or even any material suggestions? Anything would help. I’m actually trying to build my own SWD since it’s been my favorite. Thank you

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@ImperialDalek. Hello sir, I've got a detailed set of measurements of this particular prop. 


Keep in mind, beyond the skirt and dome this Dalek shares basically no dimensions with the 1988 model. So if you're going to try and make a really accurate representation you probably have to choose one of the two props and go from there. But if there's any specific element you want to know about, have a read, and post some queries in your build diary.  

Slightly off topic, but the two main props used in the show (including this one, and mine actually..) have fibreglass skirts, a fibreglass shoulders a fibreglass dome, and the 'bin' above the shoulders is made from an actual plastic bin, I made mine from fibreglass making an inverted plug from MDF, casting four pieces and assembling it. 


If I were you I would make the skirt, a set of 80's shoulders, then make the plinth shape and more or less everything else falls into place once you have the large octagon shape in place.


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