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How Do Ranks Work?



Don't know if this is the correct place to put this, but here goes! So you know those little Dalek based titles under your display name (mine's In the jungles of Skaro) here's some I've seen around:

In the jungles of Skaro

In Tranquil Repose

On Spiridon

In the Kaled dome

In Manhattan

In the Asylum

How are these ranks determined? I've seen several accounts with the same one with wildly different membership status, posts, and reputation points, so how are these ranks determined!?!

Thank you for your time.

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The new Achievements feature has now been up and running for a couple of weeks, and seems to work pretty well. Hopefully everyone has become used to the little badges that appear next to their avatars?


Here is the explanation of Achievements, as included in the Forum Guidelines...



9. Achievements, badges, ranks and post count.


Please note that the achievement points system should not be taken too seriously. We never judge members by their level of activity. Dalek building is a personal experience and some members will choose to participate more than others.


For those who are interested, the achievements system keeps a running tally of points. Members may earn points by meaningful participating in the community. Meaningful participation includes starting a Build Diary, answering questions, helping other members, uploading files, adding events to the calendar etc, etc. It is important to remember that the achievements system is NOT post driven, so simply posting a reply will not necessarily deliver any points. If you're regularly using and contributing to Project Dalek in a positive way, points will arrive on their own, with ease.


As points are accumulated, members move up the rank system. Again, this is just a bit of fun, but can help other members to assess the level of Dalek Building knowhow another member might have. This, along with their community reputation can be helpful when deciding whether their advice is likely to be useful.


Badges are also awarded for certain milestone achievements. For example, members may be awarded a badge for visiting the Project Dalek Forum for a number of consecutive days. Many badges are awarded automatically as you interact with the Forum and grow your membership. Some badges are awarded by the Forum moderators, when something really useful, helpful or exceptional is posted.


It's important to remember that the achievements ranking system is just a bit of fun.


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The short answer is that the Ranks change as your post count increases, but as stated above, it's largely meaningless and just a bit of fun. :)


For the curious, here are the current thresholds...


Lurker: 0

In the jungles of Skaro: 1

At Maxtible's mansion: 50

On Spiridon: 100

In the Kaled dome: 200

Patrolling in Docklands: 400

In Tranquil Repose: 600

In Totter's Lane: 800

Hidden in space: 1000

Inside the Void Ship: 1250

In Manhattan: 1500

On the stolen Earth: 2000

In Churchill's bunker: 3000

In the Asylum: 4000


Some members of the team (like ChristmasDalek above) have accounts that bypass this system because of their additional rank on the Forum.

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This is a quote from John and the form Guidelines:


Ranks and post count.

Please note that post count, blobs and ranks are all meaningless on PDF. They are part of the Invision software, which we choose not to use, but have to put up with. Some people tend to obsess on such things and worry when they change. No point - they aren't used as any measure of merit. Quality input is what we take note of. Members are not 'promoted' through the quantity of their posts. In many cases, lots of short pointless posts will go a long way to getting you noticed for the wrong reasons... making you less likely to get good build support from the other members. Post counts often fall, when we've done the housekeeping. If you experience a large fall in your post count, it's time to think about the quality of your contributions.


The reputation system will show you which of your posts are popular with other members. This is useful for new members, who can check the reputation of a member who has posted, as a measure of whether the information in the post is reliable.


If you see a post you really like or find useful, please give it a 'like' by pressing the little green arrow.




This site is HUGE, and it takes a while to get the hang of it. I've been here since 2012, and I am still learning about, not just how to build a Dalek, but how to navigate the site. Here is a link to the Guidelines:


I used to find them via a hot link at the bottom of the main forum page. Now I go to Info on the Home menu bar.


Be well,


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@John P Kelly, (as of writing this) you have a reputation of 893 but (only) 547 posts

547 posts puts you in "Patrolling in Docklands".

Since reputation is a much more useful indication of how helpful/interesting/useful someone is, the location doesn't really indicate anything. 

However it's part of the forum software.

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Reputation was introduced some years after the rank system and is much better. It is an indication of the quality of a member's posts/content rather than just a meter for the volume. As I say, ranks are just 'there' so we make them into something amusing. Another option would be to just close them down and make the title blank, but that would be less fun. :)

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 @John Thanks for the info John, really cleared stuff up, oh and if you need more ideas for ranks, here's some suggestions I thought up based on some of my favorite Dalek stories:

"Formulating a Master Plan" No two guesses what episode that's from. 

"Accruing Power" Power of the Daleks.

"Overseeing the Ogrons" Day of the Daleks,  it also works for Frontier in Space.

"searching for the Hand of Omega" Remembrance.

"Battling Peter Cushing" The Cushing films but I was thinking Dalek Invasion Earth specifically.

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Th old Ranks are due to be phased out, in the next round of Forum updates. I don't think we'll miss them. :)


They will be replaced by a new 'Achievements' system, which will focus more on what type of content members bring to the Forum. For those who are interested in such things, high achievers will likely be those who submit useful content such as...

  • Good advice in Build Diaries
  • Answers in the FAQs sections
  • Files in the Downloads section
  • Gallery images
  • File reviews
  • Map markers
  • Activity in the Clubs

The frequency or number of new posts is unlikely to count towards this.


I will update here with more info when this has happened, just in case anyone is interested!

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The latest upgrade has now been completed and you'll find that the old ranking system is no-more.


As I mentioned in my last post, there is now a thingy called 'Achievements'. It's up to you how seriously you want to take this.  Ultimately, it's still just a bit of fun. :)

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