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Hello From West Sussex


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Good morning all,


I recently purchased a dalek based on the saucer commander from the 1966 movie Dalek Invasion of Earth 2150AD. I do not know an awful lot about the history of the dalek as the seller only mentioned that it belonged to a relative who had passed away and that it had been stored in a shed for a number of years. The dalek is made from MDF and wood, with the dome made from fibreglass. It is in need of some TLC and I intend to refurbish it under the guidance of this site! I unfortunately did not inherit my fathers carpentry skills, and although this is ready made, I thought I would break myself in the whole dalek build world by renovating this first. I then intend to start building my own Genesis style dalek in 2022 as these dalek's have a special place in my memory growing up in the 70's and certainly scared the living daylights out of me!


Bits I am going to work on are:


  • Dome - it has lights connected to a four bank of AA batteries, also wired to a light in the eye, but these are very dim and being wired in together are not ideal when I hopefully receive a voice mod (ready built - will try building myself next year) from this site, will look a bit weird with the eye flashing as well. To address this I have an old LED head torch that I intend fitting into the eye with its own power source and battery. The eye stalk I will need to source a white perspex lens to replicate the movie eye. The dome lights will need better brighter bulbs and a stronger power source.
  • Dome beakers - unfortunately these were missing when purchased and may have possibly had the original style ones previously. I know replicas of the original beakers are readily available from websites, but have sourced some cheaper red beakers for the time being that I will fit until I have saved more money up and my wife has calmed down from the initial purchase cost etc.!
  • Paintwork - it needs a new lease of life. Will need to do some research as to the best type of paint / and colour to use on wood.
  • Neck - the mesh requires replacing to be more in keeping with the movie dalek
  • Hemispheres - these are really well made from paper mache and fitted to the dalek with wooden dowels, but some are damaged and do not fit very well at all so I will look to replace all of these.
  • Shoulder section - this requires a line of silver paint behind the mesh to replicate the movie dalek
  • Voice Modulator fitted wired into dome lights.


I think that's probably enough to be getting on with and will hopefully help me towards my desire of starting the building my own Genesis dalek in 2022. This site is great an will certainly be a massive help.


Take care all.




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Welcome to PDF.


That Dalek looks like it's going to be a great "dooer-upper" project.

It will certainly give you the skills to build you're own Genesis model.


Looking forward to seeing your progress.





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