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Dalek Lightyear (1960's Movie Dalek)

Inspector Gadget

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I first thought about making a Dalek a while back, but it was until the start of the year where I ended up going through with the idea. The 1960's movie Daleks were my favorite ones in terms of their design, so I went with that design as my dream Dalek. 


This one in particular is primarily based off of the drones from Dr. Who and the Daleks, with its dome being based more off of the red sub-commander from the same film. Originally it was going to have a black dome, but I saw pictures of it with a red dome from the people I worked with for the project, and went through with that design because I liked it better and it helped make my Dalek stand out.


For its name, I named it after Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story, which is one of my favorite movies of all time, and the name sounded really cool to me in terms of a Dalek's name.


In terms of the Dalek's exterior build, the exterior was built by some very talented people I worked and coordinated with for this project, without them this would not have been a reality. I do plan to add electronic components (namely a voice modulator) once I receive all of the exterior parts and fully reassemble it back to its full glory. Before I add electronics, I'll test the Dalek out on its own to see how well it does on certain paths and also to get an idea of its movement, since it's foot-powered.


Currently, I have all the main parts needed for the electronics components (special thanks to @elembivos for helping me out with obtaining the right tools and giving me a basic idea of how the parts should be plugged in, I'll definitely have to see how the modulator will need to be connected once I focus on the electronics more). I also just received one half of the skirt a few days ago, and I'm hoping I receive the rest of the exterior parts so I can begin the initial test by the end of the month.



There is an image of how it would look when fully assembled below, taken by the people I coordinated with for the project.



I'll keep you all posted about how progress goes with my Dalek, as well as any pictures of it during its test run. I also hope to take it to events and potentially conventions in the future.


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