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Daphne Dalek

Kev Handley

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ok well this was my first attempt at dalek building before finding this site & plans. daphne probably isn't too accurate & has been through a few different colour schemes in the past 8 years.

i made my own plans by scaling up a comet miniatures tv dalek kit. this was all done on a very tight budget (probably about £50) but she can still scare the living daylights out of the postman!

far from your standards i know but my boys & i still love her. once i pluck up the courage i'm hoping to go for a new series dalek. after seeing the cardiff exhibition i'm scared stiff



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You made that from scaling up a comet kit? Outstanding. And for only fifty pounds?

What materials did you use? I think it is a great looking Dalek that would have been snapped up to use as a prop in the classic series.

Well done.


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How fab! I agree with Bill, its outstanding, and knowing how tricky it can be to scale up from a model kit, I think you've done a great job!


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oooh thanks so much.. i can see all the faults & really want to refurbish the poor girl.

most of the materials were scrounged from a skip. hardboad & chipboard for the skirt. mdf & chipboard for the waist. chipboard neck rings. (yes i know, they have to go & be replaced by mdf. the dome was a real pain. that was made with a couple of mdf rings & then the basic shape was a lot of cardboad which was filled with paper & then the whole lot covered with fibreglass. the hours of sanding i cringe when i think back.

the skirt balls were............... um, i'm embarressed to say. toilet cystern floats. yes i know they are the wrong size lol.. something else that need replacing!

the main problem was that the whole thing was built in my front room as i have no workshop or garage.

oh yeah & i think i killed about 3 calculators scaling up those kit parts. lol.

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Kevin, if you check the Dalek Map ( here: http://www.projectdalek.com/projectdalek/f...p/mapindex.html )

you'll see that "Daphne" has been added.

I've placed the marker pin in the general area (Ipswich) rather than with pinpoint accuracy! :)

(actually, if you switch the map view to "Satellite" and zoom right in, you'll find your dalek is actually watching the cricket in Chantry Park on the London Road in Ipswich)

(who says we don't have a sense of humour!)


mark :)

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apollo said:

... the skirt balls were............... um, i'm embarressed to say. toilet cystern floats.

That'll be you and the BBC then! As you may know, they used the same materials - look at the black Dalek on "Resurrection of the Daleks" (below). That's one Dalek that will never sink!! ;) 

Really nice scale-up job!


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Hi Apollo
I'm very new here myself and haven't really started building yet, bar an eyestalk and plunger, but I must say this is fantastic. £50 and scaled from a Comet kit. It's an outstanding achievement
Very well done


PS The dome on top of the fresnel on my Tardis is a cistern float too!

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yeah the toilet cystern floats. i bought that issue of the radio times with the dalek plans. i think thats where i got the idea for the balls. wherever the idea came from it stuck in my mind till i built her.

a lot of the build came from what i remembered of those plans, but it wasn't till later when i got a pc & found those plans online that i realised how wrong they were. still i'm drooling over these photos of members nsd's. i think daphne will have to move over a bit when i give one of those new ones a try. :rolleyes:

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  • 12 years later...

Since I started building Daphne II I've found some 20 Yr old pics of Daphne's Build..




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