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    • dalek jade  »  Skaros

      Hi Rob, Mark Lewis will be up for the sunday one as he has to work on monday(Damn) but at least he can make it for one day, looks like we have a formidable line up as well, I'm booked in to a B&B on the seafront  called the Welbeck and is only ten minuites walk from the venue as the hotel I provisionally booked lost me in their system and had no spare rooms so ive spent three hours phoning round most of the hotels in Weston and got lucky.look forward to seeing you both there. brian +Yaz (the small cogs in the larger Dalek machine D=:::::::o)
      · 0 replies
    • threegringos

      I have decided on a name for my dalek. Somehow, the fact that my work-in-progress now has a name, has provided a much needed dose of motivation. Dalek "Orin" is taking form!  A fitting name for one so evil. 
      · 0 replies
    • jimmybav

      I'm too contagious to work and I cant touch anyone.  I can load the dishwasher and washing machines but not unload them.  I need to spend as much time as possible in isolation.  So basically I've been prescribed 3 days of dalek building for getting a gastro bug.
      · 0 replies
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    • Sorry, I should have been clearer in my original post. But yes, top collar 1/2" thickness and lower collar 3/4". Or 12mm/ 18mm in modern day materials. 
      The main reason for the bigger ones on the bottom is so when your slats are on the bottom of the slats aligns with the edge of the lower collar, rather than sticking over it with a bit of an 'overbite' look!

      All of the spacers I have made in the past have been rectangular, but that's simply because I didn't have a hole saw small enough, so just cut a lot of strips. 
    • From early on in the build I had decided I wanted to go with an electronic eye w\ electric dome rotation... with some help with the guys at my local robotics club I made a gear that attached to a Lazy Susan bearing in Solidworks, then laser-cut it using a CNC.     A suitable motor w\ gearbox was purchased from Jaycar, and a mounting plate was purchased from Little-Bird electronics + fitted to the small gear.       Here is a picture of it all assembled, then a video of it in action!       Lastly, I assembled my exterminator gun stick... luckily for me I made my gun entirely out of aluminium, which meant I could give it a uniform finish without paint. My metal polisher brush-finished my knitting needles, tubes and ball joints- then I used epoxy to glue it all together. A little acetone is required to clean up some of the glue, but all in all I am happy with the finish!     I'll leave you all with this: a video of me testing the MartMod I bought off Trackhappy (see the Shop section of this forum) - I thoroughly recommend his work.   This vid was made a couple of weeks back, before fitting the lower collar.  

      Until next time!
    • Thanks guys   It's been a month since my last post- but I haven't been slacking off. I only get perhaps a few hours per week to work on my build due to parenting, renovating and (the worst)- work.   I started off by making some 12mm spacers to attach to my shoulders so I could mount the collars. I used a holesaw to knock up a dozen- 9 large, 3 small- and used liquid nails + temporary bolts to adhere them.     So I picked up my collars- boy have I had issues with these guys. So I used the collar templates from the "Files" section of PDF to make them. They are great, but- as everyone says- you NEED to add 3" to both the back + the front. Stupidly, I only added it to the front. The result? I was much too short on the back of the lower collar:       ...and too long on the lower front? But that was fine because I could cut it to size:     It ended up looking pretty schmick!     It just means that I need to make a 'panel' to join the rear.   Then came the next bit of bad news... *facepalm* I cut 4x lowers, not a pair of tops + bottoms. I was furious, but what's done is done. I sent the spare pair to a friend in hopes he can use them, and recut the tops in 1mm. They have been sent to the polisher for cleaning.   I also had a 'test sit' in the cockpit. I was able to see where my viewscreen and movement controls would go, and mounted them in.     Lastly, I cut up my mesh... I didn't really need to do this yet, but had some spare time just before I went home from work, some tin snips + the mesh. I still need to make the front pieces, but made the 16 spacers that go between the slats:  
    • We're talking diameter, yes? Or material thickness? I used 12mm thick MDF, the diameter was 'whatever I wanted- as long as it is discreetly hidden behind the collar' sized. Which equated to something like a 20 cent piece for the majority of them, and three 10 cent piece sized ones for the absolute front ones...     All the spacers I've seen on here in diaries have been round, hole saw works great. Take it slow on the MDF- sometimes it de-laminates half way through cutting if you go too fast and gets too hot.
    • MDF mould my gawd the stuff of nightmares Bec, Lol. Mark mine is going to require a lot of filling and my belt sander will get a good bit  of use on this thing. I've done one side and is far from neat. I can't believe the photos of people's builds where the seams are just so beatifully  joined (Markball )tip my hat if I had one on now this will take some work.Am of over seas in a week or so so prob will go quiet on my build for a few weeks but will update as I progress. 
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