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    • Ah, thanks for catching that. Those two resistors probably should have multiple part numbers listed, since it will depend weather your going for a classic sound or an NSD sound.  I originally set the default to classic because ... well... I'm old.  I later changed it to NSD, since there seem to be more builds going on there, but didn't update the part number.  I'm working on a list of updates to the parts list based on monkeytennis' build.  I'll be sure to make this correction too.  Thanks for spotting it.   Mike
    • Good luck with building your Dalek. There's a wealth of helpful tips and pointers in all the other build diaries. Read around as much as you can. You'll find members more likely to join in once your build starts.
    • At present I am still in the planning stages of constructing my Dalek. I am currently working on a price range and my budget. I have also started to think about what it will be called and I have decided to build one of the Cult Of Skaro, not yet decided if it will be black or gold yet. I have Created a PDF with the name plates for the Cult Of Skaro Daleks if anyone would like to download them also.   Dalek Name Plates.pdf   If anyone has any building tips, tricks of anything that they wouldn't mind sharing with me, feel free to comment them below.   Regards, Jake 28/07/16
    • Hey thx guys yes Mark it was about 5 or 6 coats of waxed and buffed, I did try to get the air compressor into it but was stuck tight.I may do like you said and keep a little air hole on top to blast some air in that way, Ill just plug it off with some Plasticine before laying it up. Hey Bec thx for that too, Ill deff get some prob today on my way past, seeing how good the pressure washer worked Ill be using that to pop it out, I reckon a good blast when Ive it wedged open a tad at the sides or even through the little hole ill be keeping on top. I have ordered 4mm trim from local ebay guy was about $6 for 5ft length so hopefully that will do the trick should be here early next week so ill have to work on something else while waiting for it. I called most of the local car shop places and smallest they had was 8mm, John thx for the info, if needed Ill run along the line with a tinny file if it looks too "D" shaped , gee its an adventure eh lol. Oh and thx Mark for offering the trim, if mine is not right when it comes will let you know thx again
    • And I'm back!   Sorry for the wait. I just started taking a language course which is taking up a lot of my time on top of the stuff that normally happens around my place. Plus, yesterday was my Bday so I wasn't doing much work wise, instead, I was going out with my family to dinner and a show.     On to the Dalek,   The pictures I've got for you now are of the Dome when I was putting the cowl together. Please ignore the background stuff, I wasn't allowed to build the Dalek anywhere but my room in the apt and half of said room was being used as a storage room, while the other half was my space and a place to keep the more unruly member of our cat triad.   Pardon my terrible handwriting/line drawing abilities, my hands shake something fierce when not resting on something so most of my lines are pretty funky without a ruler for a guide. All measurements are in cm.   The white base that I drew the lines on is about two and half layers of masking tape. Reason I used that many layers was to give the cowl additions on the Dome a sturdy base to start on. I cut the tape into strips and layered them in an overlapping fashion until I was satisfied with how it looked and felt. Next step was adding two layers of extra sticky duct tape, I cut the tape into overlapping strips just like with the masking tape. Another reason the masking tape was so layered was so that the duct tape wouldn't stick to the Dome, otherwise it wouldn't come off, I tried with a small strip and laughed for an hour while I tried to peel it off. It did eventually come off but I knew if I had to add more than one layer and then the possibility of the glue seeping through the tape to the dome, I just decided I didn't need that pain and used the extra masking tape. Next was, I think, 0.8 mm thick balsa wood sheets that I cut into small strips with craft scissors and then used gorilla glue to stick it to the tape. I think I may have used two different thicknesses but they were close enough to one another that it wasn't a problem.     This is only the first layer started, I think it was a total of three layers to make the cowl base thick enough and stick out far enough for my Dalek's design. Yes I know it is a patchy job, but I wasn't able to get the strips to be the same size and most of the wood kept splitting. But once I got the slightly thicker woods down on it, it didn't matter if the small bits were uneven.   And lastly for this post, the last layer before the cowl walls were attached!     These I forget the thickness of, but they were pretty thick compared to the under layer. Still thin enough to be cut with tin snips very easily without splitting the wood. All the wood was gathered at Michael's Art for around 20 USD and they had a sale so that was a steal compared to the normal price, I got quite a few sheets in case I needed them for the work or they split. The glue and tape I got at Home Depot for almost the same price as the wood.   And that's it for this post!      
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