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Post in TobySkyward's 2nd Davros
Well it's been a long hard road but I've nearly finished. Electrical work is really hard for my tiny brain but after lots of trial and error I've got everything working.
I thought I'd let you know some of the statistics of this ridiculous idea I had.
Over 3000 led lights.
Flashing hemispheres when I speak.
81 individually created stained glass effect panels.
600 metres of lead
50 metres of wiring 
3 x 55Ah batteries 
Bespoke chassis to carry the frame 
A steel welded frame to hold the panels
A 12inch frame lifter that bolts to the chassis.
2 gun mounts (still to finish but working)
A tilt system so I can bow
A 12v electrical system for all the lighting
A 24v system to power the actuators on the lift, tilt and weapons 
Weighing and almighty 350kg when I'm sat in him
A console full of switches and buttons so I can turn everything on and off
The only thing I haven't made was the voice mod because I was lucky enough to get one of the new ones available here.
It's been about 10 months from start to finish on days off and some evenings in a tiny room about 6ft square. I'm totally exhausted but elated at the same time.
I've got the weapons to finish and some lead work to do around the outside of all the panels and then he's done.
The pictures show my awful wiring and hopefully you'll get the general effect from others.
Thanks for reading and I'll do some final shots when he's finished.

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Full Size 3D Printable NSD-like Dalek
Hello all, I hope some of you find this useful, and no one finds it frustrating...
These are the STL files I designed and used to print Duma.  You can read all the details here: 
I used this project to gain experience both with CAD and 3D printing.  Both of which I had no experience with before starting.  I started at the top and worked my way down, and you can see how my skills developed a bit as progress was made.  There are places where things don't quite match the plans, most notably the NSD dome grooves are missing.  I didn't have the skills at the time I did the dome to make that happen.  One other thing to note, that you might not notice is the eye stalk is slightly shorter than the plans.  This was done intentionally to fit a lamp rod down the center to reinforce it.  Straight up 3D printed stalk was not strong enough by itself.  Likewise the gun and plunger have lamp rods through them too, but I used long enough rods that they could be trimmed to fit.  I took artistic license here and there, for the most part it follows the plans...

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Post in Elembivos' NSD - Duma - 3D Printed
Full-size 3D printed New Series Dalek, almost complete.
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Post in John K's Necros Dalek
At last, he's done. I picked up the metalwork yesterday, cut to final length, drilled the holes then painted it all matt black.
All fitted this morning. Here are the innards of the dome.
This is what the top half looks like from inside.
And here's the finished article.
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Post in Anthony's Daleks
Made a few shots with a stock model to try and give otherwise static scenes a little life. Quite pleased with the results, so I might try and do more like this, introducing cameras / operators etc...
Large versions - https://imgur.com/a/ixWwpfV
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Post in Anthony's Daleks
A render of my still-WIP Mechanus set. Aside from a couple of tweaks it's just the background decoration to go now. Might yet tweak the lighting to get it to more closely resemble the real thing.
Large versions... https://imgur.com/a/pgbgF3J
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Jonathan's Planet Supreme
These two Dalek still impress us. Amazing attention to detail. Jonathan's Planet Supreme https://www.projectdalek.com/index.php?/topic/12115-jonathans-planet-supreme/ #ProjectDalek #Dalekbuilders #Dalek
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Post in Bec Weir's SWD
Bringing out the big guns!
See the whole build diary... Bec Weir's SWD https://www.projectdalek.com/index.php?/topic/14738-bec-weirs-swd #ProjectDalek #Dalekbuilders #Dalek
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Dalekalendar 2021
Presenting the Project Dalek 'Dalekalendar' 2021.
The Daleks are having a tough time on Skaro with a viral outbreak that mirrors our own problems, here on Earth.
With CG images created by Forum members, @WhosWho, @Grythandril and @AntLamb the calendar charts the progress of the Daleks as their High Council deal with an emerging pandemic.
Naturally, a selection of Forum built Daleks join-in with the emergency Zoom meetings throughout the year, along with one or two unusual interlopers. 
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New Series Special Weapons Dalek
Latest project.
Now, instead of doing the rational thing and making a new Imperial Special Weapons Dalek I took those brand new shiny plans and butchered them into this! 😅


As usual, larger versions over on twitter.
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Edwin Hall Dalek - Portland, Oregon
I have had this Dalek for years. I would like to sell but have no idea of value. Unfortunately due to Covid we are selling everything. Any help would be appreciated.
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Special Weapons Dalek Plans (Active Member Preview)
Plans for the Special Weapons Dalek (also known by the acronym SWD or as the Gunner Dalek) as first featured in the story Remembrance of the Daleks in October 1988.
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Jaguwa68's Amazing Davros Chair Build
Project Dalek Forum member 'jaguwa68' has produced an amazing New Series Davros Chair using a composite mix of 3D printed parts and conventional materials. It's all very innovative and definitely worth a look
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Hi all. I know this is very short notice but is there a Dalek (ideally an NSD) available for a fan film this coming Saturday? I'm going but a planned second Dalek has pulled out. Very much a fan thing and filming will be in Halesowen beginning at 11:00 am
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About To Scrap Dalek - Free To Good Home
My Dalek was partially built and has remained so for the last four years.  As everyone must know, they take up a fair bit of space, so before I dismantle it and take it to the tip I wonder if anyone would like to take it, or take parts off it.  Certainly the rings would save purchase of a router and expensive 45 degree bit for someone.  So you can see what it's made of my build diary is:
The smaller pic is as far as the Dalek build went for those that don't want to bother opening the build diary....
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Post in Simon James' Dalek
I think I’ve spent around 530 hours on him altogether, but this does not include the hours of research and time spent sourcing parts, and chatting on this site. Also it’s been 3 years and 11 months from the start of the build. 

So now to my thank you bit. Firstly I need to say this would not have been possible without my amazing partner Mindy. She has always been there for me throughout this build and has pretty much done all the painting and really fiddly bits. She is a true star.
I must also thank all of the members on this website who have given me encouragement, advice and help throughout the entire build. Without your dedication, I would not have been able to achieve this project let alone get the result that I wanted.
I’ve been on many websites in the past and without doubt this is the best one I’ve ever been on for the support and help that it offers. You guys are amazing. I can’t name everyone, so please don’t get offended, but I would particularly like to thank the following members: John, John P Kelly, Ianrobinson, Vince Martyn, RepeatedMem, Kathy and Gharman to name but a few. 
So what next? Maybe a Genesis? I don’t know, but for now I’m going to just enjoy and hopefully use Mork as much as I can. 
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Evil of the Daleks - Emperor Dalek 5 Inch Model Kit
This is a model kit of the Emperor of the Daleks from Evil of the Daleks.
It should print in scale with the Character Options dalek figures. It should print with no supports required if you have a well-tuned printer printing at a high enough resolution.
Print 12 of the hemi_large, and 2 of the hemi_small, and you'll have everything needed for a Dalek civil war.
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Post in Ian's Planet Dalek
I've decided to advance the timeline of this dalek a little, to somewhere between Vision On and Death to the Daleks. That is, I'm going to give it orange dome lights, and a projectile weapon.
I'm waiting on some orange Wipac lenses, but I've made a start on the weapon.
I bought a mortar fin from eBay a few weeks ago. It's in very good condition: it even has the screw cap attached.

I used 28mm OD aluminium tube for the barrel. I decided to make the muzzle and barrel as two separate parts to avoid having to remake everything if I made a mistake with one or the other.
The inner barrel is a 16mm OD aluminium tube, with a 12mm nylon thread glued in one end to hold the mortar fin. I drilled, cut and filed the slotted muzzle, and drilled pilot holes for the barrel. (You can also see here an inner tube that I put inside the outer barrel to lend it strength while being drilled.) The barrel parts are joined together using bushings made from pipe connectors filled with resin and filler.

After experimenting with a spare piece of tube, I realized that hand drilling the holes on the barrel sheath would be near impossible. It requires the precision of a drill press, which I don't have – but my dad does.
So, I sent the barrel with its pilot holes to my eighty two-year old father. He welded a jig that held the barrel firm, and which allowed it to be advanced millimeter by millimeter by a screw. He estimates it took him about three hours a day, for a week, to drill the barrel. It's the best bit of the weapon.

With the barrel back in my hands a week later, it was a matter of sanding, priming and spraying. I used Simoniz Steel and a lacquer:

Here it is assembled:
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Imperial Dalek 3 pack V1.0
Imperial Dalek 3 pack set;
This file contains the OBJ files for the Imperial Dalek Drone, Commander and SWD. These Daleks are a what if, a combination of Classic Imperial parts and Bronze Dalek parts. I think the blend of them makes for an interesting Dalek design.  
Please feel free to use in any of your renders and animations but please credit me.
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Imperial Dalek 5 inch Model Kit
To make up for the fact that there is no sufficiently accurate 5 inch model Imperial Dalek, here is a small 3D printable model kit to create your own. 
This was modelled in Blender, with FDM style 3D printing in mind (although if anyone makes a resin one, please let me know, I'd love to see how it turns out), and the parts have a tolerance of around 0.15mm to fit together. 
Only the plunger and the shoulders require printing with support material, and I have provided a visual instruction booklet showing the basics of how to assemble the model. 
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Post in Simon's Aluminium Evil Dalek
Hi all.
I've finally finished editing the latest part of the saga.
I thought I'd give the YouTube Premier thing a go so it will premier at 7pm and I'll be in the live comments wondering what happened to my life.
Hopefully after that I can actually get this build diary updated, but to whet the appetite here is a behind the scenes picture:

Thanks. 😃
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Post in Alex's NSD
ke4odul - a Project Dalek member in Krasnoyarsk, Russia (we're pretty sure this is the first Russian Dalek built by any of our members) - has posted some new photos.
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NSD Domelight Lenses - Moflash Lenses
From Forum member 666NEMESIS...
I'm ordering moflash lenses in the next couple of days please let me know if your keen to buy a pair before I make the order. I will order an extra 3 pairs just incase.

Reserve them via the Forum topic.
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Making an NSD dome cowl from scratch
#ProjectDalek #DalekBuilders #Dalek

Making an NSD dome cowl from scratch - being done here by member Andrew Downs.
1. Start with a dome
2. Build up the cowl shape in balsa and card, and masking tape
3. Seal the cowl and wax it
4. Take a fibreglass mould
5. Clean and wax the mould
6. Lay up the fibreglass cowl
7. Hey presto! (Persuade the cowl to come out of the mould)
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